Porter University Announces The Launch Of Academic Martial Arts Program

The Academic Martial Arts program teaches the Art of the Enlightened Warrior. This program incorporates all of the physical skills and techniques found throughout the various martial arts systems, a wide range of meditative and healing techniques, and Psionics, along with an academic enquiry into many of the philosophies and direct teachings of historic scholars.

The curriculum is designed to be a comprehensive understanding of all martial arts physical skills, healing arts, survival strategies, and academic knowledge. The Academic Martial Arts curriculum is not based on any one system, rather it is an inclusive collection of knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment.

The Academic Martial Arts program brings additional dimensions and insights to martial arts training. Some examples are that weapons training focuses on both traditional and non-traditional weapons, as well as how to make your own unique weapons; survival skills in rural and urban environments; and the mastering of moving energy through Psionics.

School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)
Associates of Academic Martial Arts
B.A. of Academic Martial Arts
M.A. of Academic Martial Arts
Ph.D. of Academic Martial Arts

Porter International University is grateful to announce the development and release of our Academic Martial Arts curriculum. This is the only online Martial Arts program where students can earn university degrees starting with an Associates of Arts degree through a Doctorate in Martial Arts.

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