Energy Source Isolator can be the new hope to ‘fight fire before it starts’

Thousands of people lose their lives each year due to fire incidents that occur in the living spaces like homes, caravans and hotels often due to minor mistakes like leaving the gas knob open, mishandling the electric circuits or wires etc.

These incidents prove to be fatal and destroy the lives and happiness of many people. The fire fighters can only cope with the fire after it starts but here is a product that is designed to fight the fire before it starts, or in simple terms, avoid it.

Silwanos Tinarwo has invented the Energy Source isolator which is a remarkable device that can be fitted at homes to avoid fire. The product works by isolating all the energy sources after 20 seconds of the given warning and also actively monitors its system to maintain total security. The device can be controlled with the help of a mobile app or configured phone. The product is best suited for elderly, kids and students who are more vulnerable to these sorts of incidents.

In fact, the device is backed up by the fire brigades of South Yorkshire who mentioned in a letter to Tinarwo that this product could especially be beneficial for people with mental or physical disabilities and caravan homes which have less safety features as compared to regular houses. They also said that this product can be used to detect faulty appliances and isolating the supply before it starts.

The product can be used as an addition to the ongoing safety drive led by the fire fighters. The device was manufactured through 6 years and has been tested several times by the manufacturer himself. He also promised that so far, the device hasn’t faulted and didn’t require any repairing as well.

Multiple incidents of fire has been reported where a little mistake has led to fatal incidents like in Doncaster, a woman and her little son were treated for smoke inhalation due to the fire started when a cooker was left on around 11 pm. In another incident, a 21 year old fell asleep while cooking chips early in the morning which led to filling up of toxic smoke into the whole house. Luckily he escaped in time with the help of a few neighbors. A minor incident may lead to a fire tragedy like in Sheffield a chopping board fell into the hob causing the whole kitchen get filled with smoke.

Keeping the prevailing scenario in mind, the ESI device can prove to be a boon and has the potential to save many lives.

The device is yet to go through the first production run, for which the creator has also started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $45000, to raise enough funds for the successful launch of the product. At present, the ESI is a basic prototype which has proved to be effective and live savior in many unprecedented situations.

The manufacturing and tooling of the final prototype to produce 500 units, including the necessary certification will require $40,000. For the packaging and distribution of the finalized product, $5000 will be required. With the success of the Kickstarter, the product aims to be spread around the world to lead the revolution in fire safety.

The campaign also offers a variety of perks and rewards; for $25 or more, the backer can get a customized T-shirt with ESI quote and logo on it. By donating $89 or more, the contributor can also get the ESI device at an Early bird price.

With increasing hazards of fire, this device has great potential to contribute in maintaining safety of people around the globe.


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