Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise and is affecting an increasing number of people.  An often stigmatized topic, it is often dismissed as being purely a criminal or mental health issue and this places these important issues under an incredibly negative light. This deprives people who are affected by addiction or fighting against it of the support they need to successfully win their battle. The soon to be launched #Scream4Recovery campaign aims to change this by starting a viral trend that asks people to scream to support people who have been affected by drug or alcohol addiction. The campaign will begin on September 17th, 2015.

When dealing with any problem, recognizing and accepting that there is a problem is the first and the most important part of the recovery process. Screaming is a way of helping notice that there is a danger and that help, support and assistance is required before it is too late. The Scream For Recovery campaign will aim to spread awareness and encourage people to work together towards removing this illness from their lives.

“We’re screaming to give a voice to the millions of people whose lives have been ruined by their addiction to drugs and alcohol. We want everyone within earshot to hear us scream for addiction awareness and for the kids who are going to be addicted if we don’t stop it now.” 
SCREAM4RECOVERY.COM  spokesperson.

To become a part of the campaign, SCREAMFORRECOVERY.COM invites everyone that wishes to support this cause to participate in a series of steps that will help those that have struggled with addiction to start a dialogue and let go of some frustration. They start by recording their scream and can invite their friends and family to scream with them. The recorded scream video can be dedicated to someone that has lost their life to addiction or to someone who is fighting it now. To carry the campaign forward, participants are required to challenge as many people as they can to raise awareness of the campaign and thus addiction. The video can then be uploaded online via social media networks and while the wait is on for the video to go viral, participants may consider making a donation to support FED UP!, a grassroots coalition of families rallying the U.S. government to end the opioid epidemic. (

About Scream For Recovery: 

SCREAM4RECOVERY.COM is a website about a campaign that aims to build awareness about drug or alcohol addiction and build support for people who been affected by drug or alcohol addiction, or addict themselves.

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