Tips on How to Win a Custody Battle in Court

Egotistical tendencies are known to kick in as well. A parent may want to win the custody battle just so they can stick it to the other parent.

The only thing worse than divorce proceedings is the custody battle which usually follows after. If custody arrangements cannot be amicably handled out of court, they often get very heated. Bitterness, hatred, and resentment are just a few emotions associated with the case. Both parents may be feeling like they have lost or are losing something big, something substantial. Either side may therefore want to come out on top or win the custody case because they feel like they deserve it more and that the child or children will be better off with them. Egotistical tendencies are known to kick in as well. A parent may want to win the custody battle just so they can stick it to the other parent. Whatever the reasons may be, the process normally gets ugly.

How to Win a Child Custody Battle

There are several tips that will put someone ahead in a custody case battle. While the aim of a custody battle might be to show that one parent is better suited to take care of the child’s needs, they also need to show the court why the other parent is not fit. It doesn’t necessarily mean tearing into the other parent and entrapping them at every opportunity. Remember, that they are also a parent to the child and treating them respectfully can score points with the court (or jury).

Tips on Winning Custody Battle Cases

Some pointers to use in getting ahead in a custody battle are discussed below.

Hire a Good Lawyer

This is the first step towards winning the custody battle. A good and experienced lawyer knows all the loopholes and will therefore advise appropriately on how to handle matters.

Child Support

Make a point to pay child support occasionally. Even before the court sets an amount, make sure to show a trend and good faith for a period of time by paying child support. Also make sure there’s a paper trail that can be established by making payments through check or money orders; something that can be used in court. So avoid cash payments.

Avoid Confrontations with the Other Parent

Being the parent that takes the high road can go a long way in making a case. If one parent senses an argument coming, it’s important they keep their cool. If it gets out of hand, they should step aside or call the police. Once the matter reaches the police, a record can therefore be produced in court.

Be Present and Spend a Good Deal of Time with the Child

Both parents should make a point to take their children to nice places and take part in their lives like attending school functions. Disciplining them when they do wrong is also a good thing since it shows that the parent is dedicated to raising them well and providing the best for them.

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