Online Magazine Targets Adventurers After 2015 Launch

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 17 Sep, 2015 – Escape Supply Co. (ESC) brings adventurers across the world a new magazine dedicated to the nomadic spirit living in each individual.

“Our goal at ESC is to help inspire great escapes, bold endeavors, and life-changing journeys for our readers,” says William Walker, Editor in Chief of ESC. “Humans truly have a primal urge to roam and we feel ESC will help feed this desire.”

ESC has an article that will appeal to every nomad. For instance, ESC provides a guide and discusses the specific items one would need in order to take an adventure at sea in their article, The Life Aquatic. Walker discusses the items one may need for this type of adventure, including a Greenline Hybrid boat, Costa Del Mar sunglasses, a spear gun, and a Sea Doo RS1 Underwater SeaScooter.

Another example of ESC’s guide and suggestions for nomads is their article on surf homesteading. This article, A Swell Surf Life, discusses what one would need to live on the coast and surf for an extended period of time. One of their recommendations is to purchase the 2016 International Signature Camper, by award winning architect Christopher C. Deam. If this is not enough, they also recommend the BMW Concept Path22 motorcycle and of course, a Pendleton Board shirt.

ESC magazine also provides inspirational articles that will speak to a reader’s adventurous spirit. They take the reader around the world, from Billfishing in St. Martin, traveling the cobbled streets and graceful colonial buildings of Antigua and Guatemala, to Bonefishing on Crooked Island. The inspiration section of ESC will certainly make a reader consider quitting his or her job and hopping on a boat or plane within several weeks of reading.

Walker says, “We hope each reader allows his or her mind to wonder a little as they read the articles in ESC Magazine. In creating this magazine, we sought to help readers find their inner Walter Mitty. Whether it is surfing, boating, or even fishing, each reader will be struck by the ideas we present and will hopefully be inspired enough to experience these adventures for themselves.”

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