eSign Genie Releases PDF Upload Functionality

17 Sep, 2015 – eSign Genie is very excited to announce that their customers are now able to upload their contracts in pdf format. “We are always looking to provide more helpful features to improve our customer experience with eSign Genie,” said Anita Bist, VP of Business Development. “eSign Genie already had the ability to upload word documents for digital signatures in addition to being able to create and edit contracts from within the account. However, due to the complex layout of some of the contracts, we thought it best to add the pdf upload functionality as well. This way our customers such as real estate agents who have to work with state and federal contracts already in pdf form and lawyers with more intricate outlining in their agreements can use the pdf upload feature. This will result in more convenience to our customers.”

eSign Genie was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers looking to implement an easy and affordable solution for sending and signing contracts. eSign Genie enters the market as the easiest and fastest eSignature software available to send documents. eSign Genie offer contract collaboration tools so that team members can compare different versions of the template before saving as a pdf. There is a feedback link on the top right of the application for user comments.

eSign Genie online eSignature software features include:  

 • PDF upload template creation

 • PDF document sending and esignature flow

 • Add attachment during esignature process

 • Bulk sending with PDF

 • Improvement in bulk dashboards

 • Signature certificate with extensive details and QR Codes

 • Notifications improvement – companies can add derive fields to the subject

 • Default communication template

 • Document creation and formatting

 • Dropbox and Google Drive Integration (more to come)

 • Sample Template Library (more to come)

 • Unlimited Recipients

 • Bulk Sending

 • Certification of Completion and Audit Trail

 • Tamper Proof PDF

 • Several signature options (upload your own signature, type to sign, or draw signature)

 • Editing of documents by internal or external parties.

 • Version control where users can compare versions after doing the edits.

 • Erasing of signatures if changes are done after sending or sharing the documents.

 • Document(s) change history to see who did the changes and when.

 • Comment capability to communicate the document edits and get the changes done quickly.

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About eSign Genie:

eSign Genie is an online eSignature software launched by AccountSight software company that also has a user-friendly time and billing online software. eSign Genie was developed to send contracts and documents requiring signatures in a matter of minutes. It is easy to use, has convenient document collaboration features and keeps your documents completely secure.

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System Requirements:

eSign Genie works with any operating system. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


Basic eSign Genie basic functionality is offered for free at this time. Website integrations and bulk sending have competitive pricing.

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