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New Action Packed Shooter Headed to Kickstarter Releasing 2016 for Wii U and Steam!

GRIMSBY – September 17th, 2015 – Growing new indie studio Blimbu Games are exploding onto the scene with “Between Heartbeats”, an infectious shoot ‘em up raging inside the veins of the Human Body. The game sees players fighting off a horde of powerful virus spores that are hell bent on destroying them. Using quick thinking and packing a whole lot of punch, players will blast their way through the body, cleansing it of the virus as they go. Using mechanically engineered robotic duo “Cecil” and “Egor”, the perfect team for the job, players will learn to use Brains and Braun when faced with adversity.

“It has great gameplay, great graphics and a great story, I can’t wait to play through Between Heartbeats!” – Dan Lloyd, Element Animation.

“Between Heartbeats comes off as a zanier Osmosis Jones. I can dig it.” – Vinny Parisi, Indie Game Magazine Editor-in-Chief.

“We want our first step onto Consoles and PC to be felt with a bang. We feel “Between Heartbeats” has enough force behind it to do that.” – Jake Willey, Lead Designer.

“We wanted to create something that shows off our personality and passion in one fun product for people to enjoy.” – Dan Willey, 3D Lead.

During an experiment where Cecil and Egor are being tested inside a human environment for the first time, things take a dark turn. A virus spore is accidentally fused with a piece of tech intended for Egor, giving it artificial intelligence and a thirst for destruction! It’s up to Cecil and Egor to fight back against the virus, locate the enhanced spore and save the day! The game is currently live on Kickstarter so we can get the commercial licenses we need to fully release the game next year. You can view it here

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Blimbu Games are a newly founded Games Development Studio based in Grimsby, UK. With 6 members still studying at University, Blimbu are registered developers across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and Steam Platforms.

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