DocChat Application Launches to Provide Virtual Medical Treatment

NEW YORK, NY – 18 Sep, 2015 – Dr. Steve Okhravi announces the launch of DocChat, a telemedicine platform that allows patients to consult with board-certified physicians through live video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Dr. Okhravi, Emergency Physician and founder of DocChat, says, “Healthcare should be a patient’s right rather than a privilege. Lack of access to physicians is an enormous problem that we are glad to help mitigate.”

DocChat remedies problems that have plagued the health care industry for decades. This app allows physicians to make safe and effective, virtual house calls to patients in 15 U.S. states and growing. Patients in rural areas no longer have to worry about access to quality physicians. Travelers no longer have to worry about going to a minute clinic without fully vetting their providers, either.

There are numerous benefits to patients utilizing DocChat. First, the wait time is fifteen minutes or less. If the wait exceeds fifteen minutes, the visit is free. Second, DocChat brings personal service back to health care because all physicians are available via cell phone 24/7 a week to answer questions about the patients’ visit. Finally, DocChat’s physicians are all trained in emergency medicine and are able to apply these techniques to every situation for a quicker, more effective diagnosis and treatment plan.

“Don’t take my word for it, look how effective DocChat is based on the statistics,” says Dr. Okhravi.

In a recent study conducted by DocChat, they served 500 geriatric nursing home patients and were able to reduce ER utilization from 50% to 2.5%, which is a 95% total reduction. Physicians on the App successfully treated hyperkalemia, sepsis, and bilateral pneumonia using DocChat. These statistics translate to non-nursing home patients as well. Patients utilizing DocChat can expect to save themselves time, money, and of course, suffering.

DocChat is not meant to treat every emergency. However, a consultation with a DocChat physician may save patients a trip to the local emergency room. DocChat can be downloaded at the apple store, on Google play, or on amazon.

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