UK Survey Says ‘Bigger Is Better’ As Plus-Size Models Make History at London Fashion Week

A survey conducted on behalf of a men’s online fashion site has suggested that attitudes are changing towards what is conceived to be sexy, as fuller body women top the scale of the most attractive models at London Fashion Week, 86% of those surveyed choosing a plus-size model as being more attractive than the industry standard.

18 Sep, 2015 – Plus-size model Ashley Graham stole the show in more ways than one at this year’s London Fashion Week. Creating and appearing in her new plus-size lingerie and daywear collection for Addition Elle, a Canadian based fashion retailer, Ashley has been grabbing headlines worldwide and it could be this marks a change for the fashion industry.

Interested to know what people on the street thought, leading men’s online fashion magazine, Fashion Beans (, decided to ask the average UK male and female what they thought about larger sized models taking the fashion industry by storm. The results were overwhelmingly positive with 73% of the men and woman questioned identifying that curves are preferable to the stick thin, androgynous forms which the fashion industry have been keen to promote as the “ideal body” for a number of years.

Featuring a variety of woman sized between US 12 and 24, the ‘Black Orchid’ range showcased real woman, curves and all. This seems to be a theme for fashion shows this year, as there has also been a number of disabled models take to the run way, to showcase the human body in its true form.

Highlighting the human body in a true form seems to be a current trend as social media sites seem to be over-run with users calling for a change. Millions have taken online to show their support for change within the industry and there have been multiple emerging Twitter hashtag campaigns created to promote equality within the industry, most recently the #IAmSizeSexy, which was promoted by Ashley Graham during the showing of her collection.

It would appear these social campaigns have influence as the mannequins in high fashion retailers across the globe are becoming more reflective of what real women look like.  UK high street retailer Debenhams became the first to feature size 16 mannequins within their stores back in November 2013, a vast step away from the more standard size 10, while Australian retailer Target have announced they too will be looking to add more realistic mannequins to their stores this month.

Despite what would appear to most to be massive advancements in the industry, it would appear that deep down woman can’t shake the idea that a thinner body is more attractive. More than 90% of those woman interviewed admitted to either being on a diet or having  been on one over the last 6 months.

Ben Herberts, Editor-In-Chief of, commented on the survey results:

“The public support towards the change within the industry shows how keen the world are for change in the industry surrounding the issue and we are pleased to see that so called plus-size women are getting the recognition they deserve. For too long there has been a wide-spread misconception that thinner women are perfection, but the replies that we received show that curves have been, and still are, desirable.”

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