New A-Star Kids Montessori Promotes ‘Fun’ Learning for Kids

The newly-opened A-Star Kids Montessori in Alam Damai, Kuala Lumpur offers a new philosophy in teaching kids which they call “Learn through Play”. It is a progressive philosophy where their programs have play time at the center of it.

“Play is the Work of the Child”, a popular statement by Ms. Maria Montessori. It is their view that learning can be facilitated well when a child is able to play and learn at the same time. Using this method, they hope to not only make children learn academic lessons but also instill in them the necessary values like being independent, resourceful, creative, responsible, and curios which they’ll carry on all through the rest of their lives.

The High quality of education that kids will get when they enroll in A-Star Kids is part of their assurance. They also ensure that each kid will have an avenue where they can learn to work with others as well as gain their own confidence and independence. It is the school’s mission to get every child fully-equipped when they move on to the next level which is primary school.

A-Star Kids provides grade A curriculum which provide learning concepts that allow the child to learn the simplest form of mathematics, culture, and language. The activities kids will be doing also include movements which will improve their hand eye coordination and stimulating all of their senses.

Grades and competition isn’t used as a measuring tool in the school. They believe that kids should be able to learn at their own pace so that they can reach their potential without being stalled by negativity along the way.

The founders of the school have constructed 5 unique working areas where teachers conduct activities with their kids. Each classroom is fitted with the necessary equipment and materials including books, toys, and play areas for children to learn and play using their programs. All activities outside the classroom are also provided with everything the teacher and child needs for an engaging activity.

The school accepts applicants from age 2 to 6 years old. They also keep the teacher to child ratio low so that their staff can pay close attention to every child and guide them all throughout the learning process. A-Star Kids is situated inside a secure neighborhood and they own a security system that ensures the protection of every student.

Regular programs for nursery, kindergarten, and playgroups are held in the morning. Students also have the option to avail of the extended hour program in the afternoon, a holiday program, and the full day childcare. All of the additional programs include activities that further enrich the child so that they can acquire more skills.

A Star Pre School attends to all the needs of children enrolled in their school. Specific details can be discussed with the school staff either through a scheduled school visit or contacting them through this number, +6018-3777362, or email them at


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