CIeNET Technologies Upgraded Its Mobile Automation Test System (MATS) for Android and iOS

CIeNET Technologies, a Beijing based technology solution services provider launched its self-proprietary Mobile Automation Test System for smart devices, and announced a major upgrade this month.

CIeNET Technologies, a leading technical consulting, software engineering, and solution services provider, officially announced that they have brought major upgrades to its MobileAutomation Test System or MATS. The developers confirmed that the platform is now compatible with the operating systems of Android 5.0 as well as iOS 8.0 and above. Furthermore, the platform can now establish support for LAN and WLAN connections, which allow the test scope to be extended to more smart devices such as wearables, smart appliances, and IVI systems. Other major upgrades such as cloud and multi-tenant support have also been included to increase MATS offerings.

The Mobile Automation Test System powered by CIeNET is a sophisticated software test platform that provides a wide range of automated tests for a number of environments, software applications, and devices, inclusive of functional and non-functional tests, such as sanity, regression test, compatibility test, MTBF/Stress/CPU/Memory/Monkey and memory test, etc. It is now being used by a handful of smart device manufacturers as well as software developers for both Android and iOS test. Simple in its design and use, the test platform comes with three parts, TMS (Test Management System), NODE (a server for executing automation tasks) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment), all of which have combined together to produce a time-efficient and cost-effective test solution. The MATS IDE supports GUI tool for scripting and is able to reload and edit scripts. Moreover, the MATS supports up to 8 devices to execute the test tasks simultaneously to minimize the unit time cost.

“MATS has seen its first major upgrade since its launch one year back. We have been rigorously taking in feedback and adding improvements that we think will make the MATS most suitable for all clients.” A senior developer leading the project said, “Developers can now rejoice in the fact that the new upgrades allow the MATS to include much more offerings such as real-time test reporting and its comprehensive test suite, all of which contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of this test solution. With all the additional upgrades, we believe that this test platform is even more utilizable and flexible for both developers and businesses alike.”

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CIeNET is a leading global technical consulting, software engineering and technical solutions provider, with expertise in telecom, mobile internet, cloud-based technologies and automotive IVI systems. With a R&D team of about 2000 engineers globally and more than 15 years of professional service experience, CIeNET has cultivated an increasing client base comprised of Multinational Fortune 1000 companies through high-quality delivery, flexible cooperation model and client-oriented concept.

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