Emerging author from Chicago releases first book from his two book series “Almost Perfect”

Thomas Rhein, based in Chicago is an emerging author who has released his first book on Amazon, “Almost Perfect” which is first in the two book series he has written.

The book touches one of the hottest genre of this era that is, science fiction. The technology is advancing day by day and humans are in a process of continuous evolvement but greater advancements also lead to greater threats; the same concept has been adopted by the author in his book Almost Perfect (Evolution Book 1).

The story of the book revolves around the protagonist Mark who is a computer prodigy and with his hard work and continuous efforts he becomes successful in creating artificial intelligence. George, the Artificial Intelligence created, rewards Mark by making him the richest bachelor in the world and together they aim to create a perfect world.

Reyna, a gorgeous fighter pilot who makes head turn with her appealing charm catches the attention of Mark as well. Both feel attracted towards each other while Mark observes her every move to see if she is the one for him. The story is promised to be filled with excitement and suspense and keepsthe readers glued to it while raising interesting questions such as, “Can Reyna clean up her act before George will take some extreme measures to remove her, or not?”

Mark is linked with the computer and all his actions are monitored by it. But the story takes a twist when it starts killing anyone who doesn’t meet the condition of a perfect life for Mark and goes as far as to infiltrate the NSA computer network.

The book currently available on Amazon for purchase reflects both sides of the coin that is the boons and curses of technological advancement while the reader tries to figure out  whether Reyna, will be safe around Mark’s love or not and perhaps the AI created by Mark could become a threat for the existence of the whole world.

The mystery unravels and the reader explores answer to all these questions with author’s interesting and detailed way of writing which lets the reader watch a whole movie scene in their head while reading the book.

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