GrowSocial Enables Sustainable Partners to Find One Another and Build Local Communities

Technological tools have helped shrink the world by introducing people from all walks of life to one another. This has helped make many business communities more efficient and prosperous, but until now has not been applied to local food and sustainability partners. A new social network called GrowSocial is a platform that connects food producers, teachers, builders and a wealth of other like-minded people find one another. This network of relationships helps foster a thriving local community that is focused on producing environmentally friendly foods, services and products that also benefit local residents.

GrowSocial was developed by an international team of participants led by Cynthia Schaefer in a social entrepreneurship online course with Copenhagen Business School, and has earned special recognition as one of the top ten business plans from that program. This much needed project will enable sustainability partners from communities around the globe find one another and produce synergies that will serve local economies, residents’ health & welfare, and the environment.

This profile based, user centric platform creates a much needed infrastructure for local food and sustainability participants to collaborate within their communities, improve productivity, close waste loops and create more resilient communities. It will also help residents find local food and local businesses, creating stronger local economies and more small business opportunities.

GrowSocial promises to help improve communities everywhere, but it requires your assistance to become a reality. The GrowSocial team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $15,000 necessary to develop GrowSocial. In return for supporting this worthwhile project, you can receive valuable perks like website recognition, Companion Plant Member status, Soil Building Member status, or Golden Harvest Member status. GrowSocial is also seeking volunteers to help design and create the social network.

To learn more about GrowSocial or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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