Natura Launches Campaign For Wood And Stainless Steel Chrono Watches

Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago-based watch company, Natura, has launched its 30-day Kickstarter campaign for its Natural Wood & Stainless Steel Chrono Watches. These trendy and classic watches have a very unique design – incorporating a stainless steel frame with globe and chrono dials in the face. 

Natura watches are sure to satisfy any watch lover,” says Tarrence Williams, co- creator of the Natura Watch Collection. “The earth is filled with the beauty of nature,” he continues, “which is why we incoporated our signature globe in our design.” The collection features three different colorway themes from which backers can choose: silver and Maplewood, black and Sandalwood, and gold with black Maplewood. Priced at only $120, these watches which also include a signature wood and stainless steel bracelet, are definitely affordable.

These watches encompass the beauty of nature with great taste. They are unisex-compatible for both men and women. With the 42mm face diameter and the 23mm wide  band combined with the miyota quartz movement while being water and stain resistant, Natura is looking to bring a breath of fresh air into the watch world. And with the affordable price at only $120 per watch, you should definitely feel that breeze.  

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