Kitchen Gadget You Must Have – Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

IsA-Kitchen Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves became the must have kitchen gadget for all. These gloves can handle Temperatures up To 425 Degrees Fahrenheit.

21 Sep, 2015 – Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves by IsA-Kitchen emerges as the most important and popular kitchen gadget among users. The product is drawing the attention of many customers because of its quality and features. These gloves provide complete protection against heat in better way than oven gloves.

Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves are available on with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Recently, IsA-Kitchen has announced special discount offer on the product by introducing two coupon codes. HBKKEXWY, coupon code offers 20 percent discount on buying five pairs of silicon gloves and coupon code YWSFQVLZ offers 10 percent by purchasing two pairs of these silicon gloves.

The Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves are finished using premium materials that make it quite lightweight and flexible. They do not have slip grip design thus allow for protected movement of hot items. They can effortlessly clutch the carved hot juicy meats. The Gloves have 10-Fingers Non-Slip Grip that makes on and off easily even hands are wet. Users can handle scrumptious Meats such as Chicken and pulled pork without problem. They can easily hold hot food items with firm grip even eggs direct from boiling water.

To get complete Protection, one can use it while grilling, Barbecuing, oven, camping, baking, boiling and for opening can and Jars.

Kelsey L from CA commented, “First of all, I love the color! They are a really bright lime green which makes them very easy to find in a messy kitchen! Right away when I pulled these gloves out of the box I thought they would not fit my small hands. These gloves fit my hands just as well as they would someone with larger hands. The best thing is that they are super flexible but still feel thick enough to protect my hands from the heat. I also like how the gloves come up far enough that I don’t feel like I would burn my wrists or forearms. All in all I give these gloves my stamp of approval! I am able to grab things.”

About IsA-Kitchen

IsA-Kitchen is a US based company that offers innovative and useful Lifestyle products. The company was founded in January 2015 and it started selling kitchen products via Amazon in March 2015. The company is planning to bring in more kitchen products and may venture into other categories by end of this year.

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