Defining the Best Approach to Business Problem Management

Deciding which of the modern approaches to use in order to solve complex and cross-functional issues within an organization can be daunting, but taking the time to accurately identify the right platform can yield more than a tactical solution.
Regardless of the vertical, the line of business, or the size of the business, one thing is certain: business problems will arise that require a strategic foundation of empirical problem solving.

The appropriate management tool can bring reduced overhead, enhanced profitability, increased production quality and limit risk, all while reducing total time to market.

Partnering with a consultant who has years of experience advising executives and operation leaders on the strategy that can mold the right processes, help develop the right staff, and grow the business in an organic way, can jump start what can otherwise be a painful and long term learning process.  Some businesses do not easily survive a trial and error approach to structured process and business improvement.  In fact, when a business attempts to go it alone and discover the strategies that will help it evolve, there are always costs associated with the attempt.  These costs can be soft in nature, sunk in time and energy of staff, or they can be real costs associated with risks poorly managed that leave the organization vulnerable.  There are so many ways in which the wrong approach can be costly that a consultant who knows the business model, the market environment, and has decades of experience in helping to design business growth plans can be a cost savings.

In many businesses today, the adoption of agile methodologies has led to a mindset of constant improvement and iteration. This is to the benefit of the organization and its employees, as it allows for a great environment in which growth is always an option. Because Agile requires participation from all aspects of the business, and is a buy-in platform that allows employees to have significant impacts in their work environment, the adoption of this platform can lead to stronger adherence to company values and limited risk of turnover.  While Agile is not the only operating platform to lend these benefits to a business, obtaining operational excellence without an environment of this nature is difficult.  When an organization is ready to consider its next steps and phased growth approach, bringing on a consultant who has experience learning a company’s history and culture quickly and efficiently, and can recommend the right path to develop an effective company structure, is usually the right decision.

A consultant who is qualified and professional will be able to leverage years of experience to create a team suited to defining and iterating the company’s structure, processes and general approach to the market.  When the platform for the organization to grow is in place, fluctuations and unexpected curves from outside the company are less impactful, and the management team is more able to adapt.  When there are challenges inside the organization, there are limitless opportunities for improvement and growth.  


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