Go Green Save the Enviroment Commercial Pest Control for Rat and Mice Problems in Seattle Washington

“Good exterminators or pest control service requires feeling comfortable with the company selected. The pest control company should be: Qualified and licensed professional extermination company, Explanations on how to get rid of the pest should makes commo”
Preventing pests is the best way to fight them, and the first step usually involves Eliminating their harborages near your home. Remove any lumber, debris or shrubbery away from your home, and keep mulch plant beds at least 12 inches from your foundation. Firewood stacks should be stored in a dry area away from the side of your house. You should also schedule regular inspections by a pest control expert to help eradicate “silent” attackers before they become a big problem.

Eastside Commercial Green Pest Control offers removal of mice and pests from homes and commercial buildings in the Seattle Washington area. Mice can be real spoilers of a building’s ambience as they can cause smell and pollution. Mice live in the parts of a building that are fairly less often visited and they often die underneath heavy furniture leaving the home owners with dead smells and no access to its source. Mice are most active at night and during this time they crawl into places like the kitchen to find edibles.  They are able to eat anything that can be taken a bite off of. They can even bite plastic and foam items thus spoiling whatever is inside. 

When there is a guest at the house the sounds of mice scratching at walls and floors are very unwelcoming and gruesome. Then the smells that mice corpses cause are unbearable. No matter how much spray one applies, the smell does not go away. The places of a building that are less visited are a perfect safe house for mice. they can spread very quickly by breeding in a safe place.

The reason why the extermination of mice from human inhabited place is so important is because rats and mice cause serious diseases both when alive or dead. Harmful bacteria contagious to human beings. Not just human beings, the pets of the house are also at risk. Setting traps for mice works momentarily, the question has to asked as to how the rats and mice are getting in and for that you might need the knowledge of an expert exterminators.

How do I know if I have mice? Signs of a mouse infestation:

• Rodent hairs, live or dead mice.
• Nests or piled nesting materials.
• Gnawed holes in stored foods, piled papers, insulation, etc.
• Food scraps or wrappings left behind.
• Excreted droppings: 1/4 – 1/8 inch with pointed end or ends.
• Grease marks are noticeable, urine trails seen under black light.
• Runways and holes in insulation- indicated by narrow pathways

Trapping mice is only effective after repairs are done to access points

The trapping of mice requires a great deal of work on the part of the homeowner. Making sure the building or home is repaired of access points or trap every rat and mouse in the neighborhood to setting traps to disposing of caught dead carcass, the process can be daunting, messy and disturbing. Professional extermination methods may be required. Snap traps utilize a trigger and jaw to catch and kill the rodent. It may also be effective to place an attractant on traps without setting them for a period of time, thus introducing rodents to the traps without alerting them to the danger. Glue boards employ a sticky glue to trap mice when they attempt to cross it.

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Professional exterminators are equipped to making sure that, once the pest is put out of the equation, do not come back . safety is top priority. All pest control service professionals have been trained on the proper application of materials to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family and pets. All professional pest control products are supposed to be registered for use by the United States EPA.


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