The Talon smart ring can play mobile games in the air

The Talon ring is a next step forward in the world of wearable technology and mobile gaming. A team of technological experts have brought this advanced hardware project to life in just a few months. Through this smart ring the user may be able to control 70 per cent of their smart devices including appliances and games.

The compact ring allows the user have a wonderful gaming experience with its convenient gesture control and user friendliness. The Talon ring is a trendy looking device which uses motion or gesture control to play games, control apps and smart devices such as phones, tablets, smart TVs, VR headsets, smart watches and smart lot devices.

Unlike the conventional bulky and clunky remote controls for games, this ring can be easily worn on finger and with smart gestures the gaming can be controlled. The ring is meant to provide both fun and convenience to the user at the same time.

The creators of this product aim to take their product to the next level through its optimum production and distribution for which they have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds. The money raised from the campaign will also be utilized to maintain competitive pricing of the product by sourcing internal components at more discounts.

The funds will also help the makers work on other multiple products. The aim of the campaign is to raise $300,000 and it has received positive response from the people as it raised more than $2000 in first 5 days of its start. A variety of exciting perks and rewards are also offered to the backers such as a chance to buy the Talon ring at an early bird price or being able to purchase the ring before it goes live in the market.

The company acquired seed funds for the initial production of the product over the last year. This campaign will support them with manufacturing costs and handling other products as well. If the campaign surpasses its goal, the makers also promise to expedite the manufacturing process and deliver the Talon ring to the buyer’s before the scheduled time.


Media Contact
Company Name: Titanium Falcon
Contact Person: Juan Guo
Phone: +1 (602)689-6958
Country: United States