This crowd funding campaign aims to stop racism against kids in Netherlands

Seeing the plight of thousands of children in Netherlands who are denied of their basic human rights due to their ethnic and religious background, a mother has started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to seek justice for the victims.

Omar Malas is one such kid who has been the victim of racism in the country as he and his sisters were forced to pray contrary to their beliefs pertaining to the continuing evangelism in many Dutch schools.

They were forced to celebrate Christmas, consume pork and to discriminate against Muslims, blacks and others. Not just this, Omar and his fellow mates were also physically assaulted by their teachers. Teachers used to tell these kids, “If you don’t pray with me; God will punish you and I will too”, due to which the children of different beliefs used to pray forcefully for 35 minutes. The sad part is that when Omar’s parents confronted the teacher who forced Omar and his sister to eat pork, they turned a blind eye on it and casually said, “you cannot do anything to me”

This terrible situation has made the life of these small children and their families a hell as they live under constant threat of corrupt authorities. Omar’s parents filed a case against the Netherlands with the European Court of Human Rights. A registered request was also sent to the UN High Commissioner for Human rights Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Husein asking him to open an investigation but both were unlawfully denied.

Moreover, the children were suspended for a few weeks for not praying and adding to the insult, Omar’s father was prosecuted for refusing to evangelize his children. To escape religious persecution, Omar, his brother, sisters and mother have left to Russia, while the father still fights the legal cases going on in Netherlands.

The success of this campaign will help Omar reach his goal of delivering a message of peace from the United Nations on Universal Children’s Day, November 20th. By creating awareness about the sufferings and plight of Muslim kids, he hopes to bring justice to the victims. The goal of the campaign is to raise $8000 so that Omar can publish his ordeal in a major newspaper and send a request to Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-moon to grant him permission to come from Russia and deliver his message of peace on behalf of thousands of children in Netherlands.


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