What is a Spiritual Recovery Program?

A spiritually attentive recovery program does not necessarily have to be based on a specific religion or philosophy.
When a patient enters a recovery treatment program for drug or alcohol abuse, they come in with a basket of issues that range from physical and emotional, to mental difficulties, and the treatment program has to address all of those issues in order to gain recovery.

A great addiction treatment program or facility will offer the detox program that will help the patient’s body withstand the struggles of addiction, the emotional therapeutic resources to gather strength and resilience to sustain recovery, as well as the analytical skills that give the mind better control over the addict’s actions and responses to stressful behaviors. In addition, to the resources provided by the facility or program, the patients themselves have to bring a set of resources as well.

Most of the time, the patient will not recognize the assets they have in their bag of tricks.  The disease of addiction can strip a person of their ability to self-reflect and analyze their behavior, and often leaves a person without a real conscious understanding of the effects of their behavior. The job of a talented professional recovery staff is to bring out the patient’s resources in a way that makes them useful and accessible, and to teach tools that will allow the patient to better make use of those resources once the recovery treatment program ends.  One of the skills that a strong recovery program will emphasize is the inherent spiritual energy and stability of each and every person experiencing addiction.

A spiritually attentive recovery program does not necessarily have to be based on a specific religion or philosophy.  Although there are programs which are based on religious perceptions and dogma, some professionals feel that, while the structure a religious recovery offers can be incredibly helpful to the addict, the underlying guilt and shame that an addict invariably experiences during recovery can be made worse by a religiously focused platform.  The spirituality, worth and capability of every human can be a focus of a recovery program which does not require adherence to any special religious behavior or alliance with a religious institution.

One of the main underlying emotional experiences that addicts report is a feeling of insecurity and disconnectedness. The anxiety of addiction, added to feelings of shame and isolation, can be overwhelming and help to maintain the addiction’s hold on the individual.  A spiritually based drug and alcohol abuse treatment program will help the addict to leverage their internal, intrinsic self-worth that everyone is entitled to, and to restore a sense of connectedness to every person on the planet.  The community feeling and sense of mutual support that addicts find in recovery programs which emphasize personal spirituality is a significant help in life after they leave recovery treatment. Faith is a component of a universal spiritual experience that transcends any religious institution or tradition.  The treatment program which helps a person recover while also reconnecting to their own joy, happiness and center is one which is doing more than simply restoring sobriety.

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