Dental Implants: Improving Personalities Worldwide

When someone feels confident about their smile, their self esteem is boosted and positive personality changes can occur.
A person’s smile is an integral part of their identity. No matter where you are, what country you reside in, or what language is being spoken, a smile sounds the same in every single one.

Consider, for instance, that a smile is the universal sign of satisfaction and happiness. Bearing these facts in mind, it’s no wonder that people all across the globe go to great lengths to care for and maintain them. However, when you can’t smile with confidence, an important piece of you is lost. For those who suffer from tooth loss, dental implants are the best, most technologically advanced way of reclaiming that sense of self. Best of all, dental implants are not some far-fetched invention in a science fiction novel; they are real and they are available to everyone.

But how are they improving personalities, you might ask? Well, let us elaborate.

Bill Nye the Science Why: Smiles

Believe it or not, smiling releases endorphins. At least real smiles do. What do endorphins do? Have you ever felt ridiculously happy and excited about something? Remember the first time you ever went to Disneyland? Or the time that really pretty girl said yes when you finally worked up the nerve to ask her out? That feeling, those are endorphins being released. If you had a camera pointed at you during either of these two moments, we’d bet our hats you had a smile on your face.

The Chemicals

When you smile, your brain recognizes it chemically as a sign that something good is happening, and out go the endorphins which basically turbo charge any feelings of happiness you might be having. Phew! Talk about a rush! See? It’s all connected, and folks, we’re here to tell you that whether you want to believe it or not your teeth play a major role in your happiness because they have front row seats in one of the main places that happiness begins; your smile. So what happens when a person doesn’t want to smile completely because they are self- conscious? Or have to second guess themselves each time they are about to smile? Well, it’s not anything good, we can tell you that.

Your Social Life, Your Job and Other Areas of Life Your Smile Directly Affects

This may come as a surprise but the statistics are in people, and guess what? Bad teeth mean burst bubbles and broken dreams. If you walk into a job interview having chipped, broken or missing teeth, the sad truth is that you will most likely be passed up for a person with a full set of teeth? Why is this? It may be petty, but it’s basic human psychology. In fact according to the Association for Psychological Science you have less than a single second before a person makes a mental judgement about you based solely on the features of your face. You have one tenth of a second to be exact, reveal Princeton Psychologists Drs. Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov who conducted various experiments that involved people and their tendencies to make split second judgments about other humans. Unfortunately, ‘split second’ is actually an over statement.

The Surprising Results a Smile Produces

Participants in Willis’ and Todorov’s study were shown pictures of complete strangers faces for 100 milliseconds (1/10 of a second), 500 milliseconds (half a second), and 1000 milliseconds (a full second). To make the results of a rather long and thorough study short, all participants reported that they made confident judgements on the strangers trustworthiness in just 1/10 of a second. This is all based off a picture of the stranger’s face! That just goes to show you can wear nice shoes and fancy clothes, but nothing is going to complete your outfit quite like a healthy, complete smile.

Case in point: If you are looking to nail that job interview or knock that first date out of the park, you better smile, and you better be able to do it with confidence. Dentist and Population Scientist Susan Hyde at the University of California San Francisco sums it up best when she states “If you want to portray someone as being wicked, they have missing front teeth. If they’re ignorant, they have buck teeth.”


Let’s Review

So, if asked to consider for a moment what elements in life make a person have a great personality, genuine happiness is likely to top that list. What makes a person happy? Well, most would answer that question with the word security; a general feeling of wellbeing. How does one achieve this? It all starts from within. That means self-security in the form of confidence. People are drawn to other people who exude true self confidence, and nothing expresses self- confidence better than a genuine smile.

Then there is relationship security in the form of companionship. You might want to claim that you are an independent person, which is all well and good, but science begs to differ. Deep down inside humans are social beings. The desire to feel friendship and love is hardwired into our brains. Smiles portray happiness and as you know by now, people are drawn to happiness like moths are to a flame. Lastly comes financial security.

A means to provide for one’s self and their loved ones. That means a job. As we learned from the studies performed by Princeton Psychologists Drs. Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov the trustworthiness of a person is determined in another person’s mind within 1/10 of a second. Good luck getting a job if the interviewer doesn’t trust you. It’s harsh, but it’s the truth. However, when all the above factors line up like a perfectly executed shot in a game of pool, self-confidence, companionship, and financial security the likeliness of you being happy is pretty high. Have you ever met a genuinely happy person with a bad personality? We haven’t either. And that, our dear readers, is why dental implants can maketh or breaketh the man or woman.

So, have you smiled today?

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