Grab Your iPad Mini and Send it into Orbit

July 7, 2014. California, USA. Give your iPad Mini a makeover and turn it into an action camera with the Orbit Case. Find the flexibility and freedom you crave to record video on the fly and capture still images anywhere, anytime. Use it while riding a bike, skateboarding, snowboarding. Get get cool shots from unusual angles. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Rubber grip handles make slip-sliding cameras and “butter fingers” a thing of the past. Take charge and capture the action. “All finished units will have a light-weight plastic body like the prototype plus feature a rubber type over mold on the handles and raised ridges on the back of the case providing a more secure and comfortable gripping surface.”Functional and ergonomic design features are built in. The product is ready to move to production with your help. That’s where this new Kickstarter Campaign comes in. With a realistic goal of just under $40,000 this prototype is ready to fly into your hands (but first they need your support).

There are plenty of perks to go around. Get in on the action for as little as one dollar – or pay a bit more and get your hands on one of the first off the line. The inventor says a family trip and a profound lack of options for an iPad Mini case with handles led to the birth of this Orbit “I was concerned about [me or my kids] dropping the device off the Golden Gate Bridge while on holiday…. or having it slip out of my hands at an inopportune time …I did extensive research online and in the largest retail stores looking for a good case with a handle grip…I could not find one.” Let the Orbit case set your mind and hand free. Just grab and go to get in on the action. No more being sidelined.

The Orbit case is practical for loads of different scenarios.  It will come in some fun and funky colors – and funding supporters get to help decide what those colors will be! There are great perks at low price points so it’s super easy to get involved – and to get your own. You can show your support for just one dollar. For just $19 you can help pick the Orbit’s colors. For just $39 or more you can score your own Orbit case. Want to get some marketing buzz for your support? For $249 get the Orbit case for iPad Mini (your choice of color) and have your name/company professionally hand painted on the case. US shipping is included. See site for all the reward details. Working closely with experts in both engineering and manufacturing, they have worked through the design and prototyping process (check out the campaign site for pics of it in action).  

This little Orbit concept is now officially a utility and design patent pending product for tablet computers.  Orbit case features: Attachable and detachable (fast and easy), handle grips on both sides of tablet, and protective touch screen covers can work in conjunction with the case. If the campaign is successful – there are plans to expand Orbit to multiple models for international tablets. It’s fair to say this idea may skyrocket.

Check out the campaign page links and company info below and share widely.  

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