Customized Individual Treatment Plans

Addiction affects not only the behavior of drug users, but also the brain chemistry and function that will continue long after the user ceases his or her addiction.
Addiction is a very complex, difficult and trying disease.

It not only affects the person’s ability to live a healthy, functional lifestyle; it also impacts the person’s family, friends, and surroundings. While a person may recover from drug use; there will always be the risk of relapse happening. Successful treatment is available and it is possible to make a full, life-long recovery with the right resources.

There is no one, single treatment for drug use that works for all addicts. Treatment plans will vary, based on the type of drug, the characteristics of an individual, the needs of an individual, and many other factors. Tailoring treatment services to an individual’s needs, with the appropriate intervention, treatment setting and treatment structure, can be the key and winning factor to lifelong sobriety and a successful, fulfilling life.

Effective treatment needs to address all of the needs of an individual, not just the drug abuse itself. In order for treatment to be effective and successful, all associated factors, such as medical, social, vocational, psychological and legal issues, should be taken into consideration. Just as important are age, gender, culture and ethnicity. Each of these plays a major role in the stages of recovery and each individual requires different care.  It is hard to succumb to the idea that one particular route of recovery will work for every drug user. Each patient has experienced a unique background, has suffered different emotions, and is challenged with different struggles.  So it would be hard to assume that one treatment blueprint would work for all drug users.   

With individualized treatment, a drug user has all of the resources he or she may need to effectively reach sobriety. Individualized treatment is, in some sense, a personalized map that a user can follow in order to recover from his or her disease.  It can provide confidence and trust in one’s self, increasing their chances of recovery by knowing that there is a treatment path that has been tailored just for them.

Recovery is never easy and it is a battle that will, most likely, be fought for the rest of an individual’s life.  But with the right plan and the right steps, it is highly possible.

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