Troubles May Haunt People, But Troubles Never Stop People with Airwheel Intelligent personal transportation Scooters

Living in the metropolis, people always face many troubles from every aspect of the city life. But with Airwheel intelligent scooters, traffic troubles in the cities will never haunt and stop the paces of people any more.

The convenience and joy the city life are also accompanied by many troubles, which may haunt people. For instance, the huge crowds in the cities cause many troubles to people because of the traffic peaks or limited traffic resources. Many people have experienced the nightmares of waiting in the carlines for hours or being late to the conferences because of the endless carlines. Now here come Airwheel intelligent scooters.

With Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled intelligent scooters, people will leave these annoying traffic problems and enjoy the convenient city life. Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled intelligent scooters are the newest model in Airwheel Q series intelligent scooters. The solid and scratch-proof shells are made of materials, which are developed with special technologies and techniques. The texture of the shell makes the vehicles distinguish at the first sight. The cushion pads on both sides of the vehicles are replaceable and protect users’ leg against scrapes and bruises. 

Also, the replaceable pads can also be of various colours, which satisfy all types of tastes of people. Other vehicle modules are also the top-quality ones like the tyres from Cheng Shin—the top10 brands in the worlds and the battery cores from Sony, which is the leader in the battery core industry. Most importantly, all these powerful units are assembled in an extremely portable vehicle body. The body size of Airwheel Q6 is 531mm*352mm*190mm and a Q6 weighs only 11.1 kg. So they can be rode anywhere and carried anywhere.

With Airwheel Q5 intelligent self-balancing scooters, riders are able to avoid the traffic troubles while the traditional vehicles suffer. Airwheel Q5 have the strong performances and great adaptability to run on all types of roads which are not suitable for traditional vehicles like sidewalks, underground passages and even the passages inside the buildings. So the riders are able to enjoy the speed of cars and the convenience of walk at the same time. Ride Airwheel, and enjoy the city life.

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