Why People Start to Forget Their Private Cars? Because of the Airwheel S5 Intelligent Two-wheeled Electric Scooters

Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the vehicles, which make people, forget their private cars.

As the most widely adopted transport vehicles, private cars are the indispensable part of people’s city life. But there are vehicles which make people forget their private cars – Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters. Airwheel S5 are designed to be the exclusive SUV for people


How could S5 deserve the name of exclusive SUV? It’s because of their amazing performances and the novel riding experiences they bring to people. As the top model in Airwheel S series intelligent scooters, the most powerful series in Airwheel family, Airwheel S5 have been thoroughly improved. The electricity capacity of the power bank has been improved nearly 30% to 680 Wh in S5, which means a longer range. The motor has been replaces with an all new model, which has the power of 1800 w. 

And the stronger power is accompanied with the more efficiency. The control shaft of Airwheel S5 adopts the same material as previous models – the aviation magnesium aluminium alloy. But the design of the shaft has been improved. The control shafts of Airwheel S5 are detachable and foldable, which makes it possible to store the vehicles in a very small room, like the back trunk of private cars or a corner in your room. The wheels of Airwheel S5 have been improved to larger ones with 16-inch hubs; so on any type of roads Airwheel S5 will run smoothly and fast. Most importantly, the top burden capacity of S5 is 120 kg, and there are many extending accessories for Airwheel S5. All the goods or equipment people need can be carried by S5 to the destinations.


The powerful performances of in the small-sized vehicle bodies of S5 enable S5 to conquer all types of roads and win the love from consumers. Also, the great performances enable S5 intelligent scooters to finish most work, which can be done by private cars like carrying goods. And the small body sizes enable riders to ride them somewhere cars cannot run like small wood roads and sidewalks. Airwheel S5 intelligent self-balancing scooters make people forget their private cars.

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