LOS ANGELES, CA – 23 Sep, 2015 – Recent statistics show that every week in the United States, over eleven million children 0 to 5 years of age are involved in some type of childcare arrangement, each spending an average of 36 hours per week in a daily and/or before or after program. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projections are that the early childhood development industry will have some of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020.

While the number of chain-operated childcare facilities has increased somewhat over the last several decades, a significant growth spurt in early childhood development centers is taking place in the parochial and public school sectors, driven by the increased need for and number of two income families, as well as working single moms.

Other contributing factors to this growth spurt is that over 60% of working moms with children under three desire to find qualified centers that provide excellent educational opportunities, and the fact that family dynamics are changing and there isn’t always someone available to care for or educate the children.

Richard Ross, owner of Los Angeles, California-based Early Childhood Professionals saw a need for a company that consults with and designs/builds early childcare centers for private and public schools. Ross says that the need for more childcare centers is rising at a faster pace than ever, especially in cities in the Midwest and along the Southeast border states, and mostly in parochial schools.

“Our biggest and fastest growing products are developing business plans and market feasibility studies for religious schools,” says Ross. “Our biggest markets have largely been rural mid-western areas and southern east coast suburban communities in Virginia, Florida, etc. Most of our work has been with churches and church schools, and we work with any and all denominations and organizations.”

“We excel in developing Christian early childhood development centers, usually located on the premises of a church,” says Ross. “The centers are anywhere from 40 to 500 children in size and include childcare, preschool, daycare, and early childhood development. Each of these titles has its own definition, but it all comes down to caring for children between 6 weeks to 5 years of age (i.e., pre-kindergarten). Our work usually begins with a church, which wants to build a new center or improve an existing center, though sometimes a center comes straight to us for help.”

“There are thousands of Christian childcare programs around the country, but there’s little professional support for them. We come from a tradition of building and growing Christian childcare as a mission of the church, and we are now prepared to offer our services nationwide.”

According to Amber Lappin, country wide Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer based in Menifee, CA, childcare is a fast growing industry throughout the country because more households have to have both parents working to make ends meet. There are a lot of single parents as well. Childcare centers and early childhood development centers have to be of high quality because these are the formative years, and that’s what we provide.

Leanne Harbaugh, a Chicago-based Early Childhood Consultant, writes business plans and feasibility studies for churches and other organizations around the country. Harbaugh says that many churches are also adding before and after school care, but some roadblocks in getting this done are finances and finding the qualified staff, as well as families that can afford it. Most parents don’t want to spend more than 10% of their income on childcare.

Early Childhood Professionals was founded in 2014 and provides a myriad of services, including, Envisioning Workshops, Initial Assessments, Market Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Project Design, Operations, Marketing and Admissions Plans, Curricula and Program, Training Programs, and Coaching. Founder and Owner, Richard Ross, has an M.B.A. from Eastern University, St. Davids, PA and a M.Div. from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO.

For more information about Early Childhood Professionals and interviews with owner, Richard Ross, please call 866/277-2383, or visit www.EarlyChildhoodPros.com or www.Facebook.com/earlychildhoodpros

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