First Class Advisors Unconventional Approach Saving Homeowners

PERIMETER SUMMIT, GA – 24 Sep, 2015 – First Class Advisors offers unconventional methods for homeowners searching for help. The firm has been advocating for everyday Americans in areas that encompass a full range of consumer dispute services. 

As the situation of homeowners nationally has worsened and stories of Lender/Servicer neglect have increased, First Class Advisors has proven its results defending homeowners through a unique strategy that has been wildly successful for homeowner’s.

Millions who are financially struggling and facing foreclosure have tried modifying their loans, many have failed, and many who had loans modified only received a short-term fix from their Lender. Later resulting in default because of the bank’s poor decisions. Since most Lenders have been slow to act, homeowners are finding resolution through an alternative solution. First Class Advisors has been leading the industry with its unconventional strategy.

“The current system is failing homeowners every day, we created this firm to help the little guy battle the big banks and institutions,” says Demshee, Director of Accounting. The Advocate & Lender Resolution (A&LR) Program they created forces banks to negotiate homeowner’s mortgage terms in a fair and transparent forum by working through the Regulatory Agencies that oversee their Lender.

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