New Line of Fabric Flower Pots Bring Style to Home Gardens

“Groovy Grow Bags make gardening cool… vibrant colors and a quirky name take your patio plants to the next level”

Who says your back patio or indoor garden needs to be a drab mix of terracotta garden pots and black plastic planters?

Premium home-product designers Invigorated Living have launched Groovy Grow Bags, an eye-catching line of canvas-based gardening pots designed to let you grow your favorite plants and express your unique style through a variety of bright, beautiful colors.

Fun, Invigorated Living co-founder Dan Carlin said, is an important part of gardening. “Groovy Grow Bags make gardening cool… vibrant colors and a quirky name take your patio plants to the next level,” Carlin said. “Your eye-catching Groovy Grow Bags will set your patio, office space or room apart from the rest.”

Once you open up your first trio of Groovy Grow Bags, you’ll see why they’re an easy ticket to neighborhood fame. Groovy Grow Bags come in dazzling combinations of yellow and blue, orange and gray, and pink and yellow.

The rainbow of hues instantly transforms any outdoor or indoor space from yawn-worthy to worth a second look from neighbors and visitors.

Carlin said the wow factor is the reason why Invigorated Living decided to shake up the market and offer consumers a refreshing product which says goodbye to the uninteresting colors of yesterday and launches plant lovers into a more modern, expressive world. “While their are countless pots and planters on the market, most are dated in style, look and practicality,” Carlin said. “GGBs are fun and allow people to liven up their home.”

The grow bags aren’t just perfect for your back patio or balcony, though. Their unique sense of style is perfect for indoor gardens and for your office space. Boring gray walls and colorless desks no more; GGBs will add some much-needed visual joy to your daily life, particularly because Invigorated Living has incorporated a two-tone design for the canvas pots: yellow on the top half, blue on the bottom half, for example. “The different colors used on the top and bottom of the planters is intended to create a sense of fun and enjoyment,” Carlin said. “Why use one color when you can have a rainbow of vibrant colors to freshen up your home or office?”

Along with their cheery appearance comes the flexibility of using the indoor/outdoor planters as succulent planters, herb garden pots or vegetable pots. And don’t forget about your favorite flowers; they’ll love their colorful new confines.

Keeping your Groovy Grow Bags sparkling clean won’t be a problem, either. Because they’re made from sturdy canvas, you can throw them in the wash to get rid of stains and maintain their happy hue.

Invigorated Living’s Groovy Grow Bags are available for purchase on and, and come with the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company is offering first-time buyers a coupon to get over 70% off GGBs.

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