Lofty Expands Service To Help Real Estate Investors In Chicago Find Winners

Looks like the team over at Lofty is at it again. After spending the last few months hard at work, diving head first into the Chicago property management industry, they have decided to expand their highly sought after service into real estate investments as well.

“We have a very unique skill set at Lofty, and we realized we can provide value outside of giving property owners an affordable but exceptional partner to manage their real estate investments,” says Lofty’s President, Andrew Nast. “The timing is really right for people to invest in real estate. Unfortunately, a large portion of the people with the means to do so, just don’t have a strong team of qualified experts that are motivated to help them. More often than not that uncertainty stops them from making a great investment.”

That’s where Lofty’s new investment program steps in, says Andrew.

By combining years of experience in analyzing and acquiring investments for some of the nation’s largest REIT’s with Lofty’s constantly improving system for managing properties, Andrew and his team believe they have all of the tools necessary to help interested parties not only find the best investments, but manage them long term as well.

“For people looking to invest in real estate there are often only a handful of options to go with,” says Andrew. “You can give it a shot on your own: read books; get advice from friends; put your faith in Zestimates (Zillow’s estimating tool). You can link up with investment groups and go stalk the auctions in hopes of finding a winner – then hopefully know enough about value added rehabs to be able to turn a profit. Or you can trust your real estate agent, that helped you find your home, to be able to analyze potential investment properties. In most situations, all of those are very risky ways to go.”

So what does Andrew think makes Lofty any different?

“We have spent thousands of hours analyzing properties, and hundreds of millions of dollars acquiring successful residential real estate investments in the Chicagoland area. Additionally, we’ve managed millions of dollars in value added renovations and have the software and systems in place to manage those investments long term while maintaining strong profit margins for our investors as well. We think it’s time we offer that experience to the rest of Chicago and see if they are interested.”

If you are thinking about investing in residential real estate in Chicago, getting in touch with the team at Lofty is a great place to start. You can find them at or reach them anytime at 844-35-LOFTY.


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