The Effectiveness of Treatment Programs Specialized For Women

Addiction recovery entails capturing the balance and wholeness which is obtained by understanding the psychological development of a woman.
A choice for treatment can seem confusing. The secret to a successful treatment technique is narrowing the choice down to gender-based treatment facilities.

This article reveals how addiction treatment programs that are directed towards women only will provide recommendable results. Generally, society has given an upper hand to the male sex in respect to treatment programs. Society overlooks the characteristics of female addiction, failing to understand the close connection between addiction and sexuality. Ohlhoff Recovery has extensively explored this concern and promotes female-based treatments for the following reasons:

Addiction poses adverse psychological effects on women. Their hormonal system, reproductive and emotional functions are affected by alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol and heroin cause depression, sexual health impairment, retardation of blood congestion, inflammation of the genitals and decreased sensation, reflecting greater impacts from addiction on women than in men.

Addiction recovery entails capturing the balance and wholeness which is obtained by understanding the psychological development of a woman. Women tend to use drugs to maintain relationships with family and friends. They will cling to their fellow males supplying the drugs and offer sexual relations in exchange. In recovery programs, most women express discontentment with their sexuality. These views reproduce other feelings of self-pity and inadequacy.

The addiction in women is multifaceted and can be distinguished from the men’s, since apart from the normal causes, they are stigmatized by unwanted pregnancies and the child custody issues which will also result from addiction. Most women assert they have joined treatment programs for family and health issues.

Naturally emotional, women suffer different feelings before taking heed to a treatment call. They are often disturbed, with feelings of shame and guilt, helplessness, little hope of the possibility for change and some dread of losing custody.

Men have for a long time dominated the drug treatment zone, and hence, the smaller number of women has allowed for the prevalence of men’s norms. During treatment, women’s issues conflict with that of men’s. Women open up to vital issues, such as sexual harassment or abuse, unhealthy relationships, parental drawbacks, physical and sexual health, loneliness, anger and even appearance. The comprehensiveness of their issues is apparent. For women to overcome addiction, they should be given a chance for relief from their distress. Traumatized women require an integration of both spiritual and psychological counseling

Mixed gender treatment programs are still being offered, despite its ineffectiveness.  Many facilities are not equipped to work solely with either a male or female population.  Ohlhoff Recovery recommends treatment programs that exclusively focus on the addictions of women, in order to ensure a greater rate of recovery success for female patients.


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