Reasons for addiction in Women

Women’s addiction can be attributed to certain biological factors.
Although addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, despite their gender or ethnicity; women are considered to be more prone to drug abuse due several different physiological issues.

These issues relate to the way women deal with emotions and are also affected by the biological differences in women. Over the past few years, there has been a lot more emphasis placed on rehabilitation for men’s drug abuse.  However, some rehabilitation centers have also stepped up to create programs to deal with drug addiction in women, as well.

Biological Factors

Women’s addiction can be attributed to certain biological factors. Women’s bodies usually weigh less, compared to men, and contain more fat and less water. These larger amounts of fat highly retain alcohol in women’s bodies, causing greater addiction effects. Women have been reported to have lower levels of those enzymes which help break down alcohol; hence, much alcohol is absorbed into their bloodstream. Women’s physical health is highly vulnerable to the impacts of drug use.

Physical Abuse

Violence, abuse and trauma are closely linked to drug abuse. Compounded with drug use problems, these three factors cause physical and mental health issues. Self-harming habits and illegal drug use can be directly attributed to abuse, trauma and violent experiences. Sexually abused girls use drugs as a relief from the trauma. This is similar to the physically abused women in their marriages, who often turn to drugs to relieve the stress and pain surging within them.

 Psychological Issues

Drug abuse problems also come about when women use unhealthy substances as a means of coping with stress, panic, anxiety, chronic pain or gynecological problems. Although these may be the consequences of victimization; the substance use only increases the victimization risks.

Social Stereotypes

Social stereotypes have also contributed to addiction in women. Women who have begun substance abuse are misjudged and termed promiscuous and ill-mannered. Our society considers them more “evil” than the male addicts and this neglect and separation leads to increased addiction.

Personal Perception

Confidence, sexual health and appropriate weight are very critical to a woman. Most of them will opt for drugs just to maintain confidence before people. They also take substances to boost their sex life, to lose weight and reduce tension.

Because men’s addiction issues have been more prevalent, it’s only been lately that women’s addiction has been given more specialized attention. Ohloff Recovery has broadly explored the relevant reasons for women’s addiction, with the establishment of successful women-based treatment programs.

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