The Better Way to Lose Weight and Keep it off

The right way to lose weight is difficult, but with the help of the right professional weight loss team, weight loss goals are met in a better way.
Excess weight and the problems it brings have been in the news a great deal lately.

For those people who have struggled with excess weight, sometimes their entire lives, the reports are not surprising.  People carrying too much weight are treated differently in society.  They experience physical difficulties moving around, which leads to an even more sedentary existence.  They can have difficulty getting a job, or in advancing within their current organization.  The embarrassments – flying on a plane in a seat that doesn’t fit – trying to find clothes – are just the beginning, though. Illnesses, like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even some kinds of cancers are all more prevalent in the overweight population.  For those who have this challenge, the answers are not simple.  Eat less, and sometimes the scale doesn’t move a bit.  Exercise more and see no results.  There are all kinds of easy answers being marketed, too – from pills that promise to melt the fat away, to creams that are supposed to target deposits of excess fat.  There is no shortage of quick fixes out there.  Unfortunately, they don’t work.

The right way to lose weight is difficult, but with the help of the right professional weight loss team, weight loss goals are met in a better way.  And weight stays off for a longer period of time – sometimes forever.  The weight loss professionals at Phoenix Weight loss have a great deal of education, professional experience and credentials behind them, but they also have one important thing that many weight loss clinics and doctors lack:  a personal understanding of what it means to be overweight.  The doctors at Phoenix Weight Loss who are helping people to drop unwanted pounds are not just doing it to make people healthier – they are doing it because they understand, from firsthand experience, what it’s like to face social ostracism, difficulty finding a job, and the crushing sense of personal blame, weakness and defeat.  

The diet programs that the Phoenix Weight Loss program features are scientifically tested.  They are proven to help people make significant gains in their desire to live healthy, fit lives.  But that’s not all that patients with excess weight want from a weight loss program.  We offer the accountability of being able to check in with a licensed, caring group of people who are heavily vested in the patient’s success helps to maintain the diet plan over time.  The benefit of carefully balanced, planned, and repeatedly tested meal options can bring a new sense of adventure to an eating plan that’s grown stale, boring and prone to cheat days.  There is nothing that the Phoenix Weight Loss program hasn’t seen, from patients who have struggled with weight their whole lives to those who’ve gained due to hormonal problems.  The doctor who was able to lose sixty pounds without undergoing dangerous and expensive surgery is the doctor who will help an overweight patient reach goal weight, without judgment, and with the tactics and skills that every person needs to drop unwanted pounds.  


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