Video Increases the Value in the Search Engine Results Pages

The search engine results pages continue to feature high quality videos near the top of the listings. Is this trend likely to continue? And what impact is this going to have on the SEO industry?

Since google’s acquisition of youtube, the largest video site in the world, video has become a major part of the google search results pages. Increasingly, youtube videos are featured in the top ten results for popular search terms.

Many users find videos more accessible than long pages of copy, so the value contributed to the internet is often higher as more people are getting the message from video than text. Retention of the key points, if the video is educational, is also higher than with text.

This means that video creation is something that more businesses are looking at as a promotional method. Videos are highly effective sales and marketing tools, raising credibility and offering a superior method of getting information across to the general public.

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world, behind google search, which illustrates the popularity and value of video on the internet. Many people find videos more engaging and enjoyable than articles, which can often require more concentration and more effort.

“Some specialist SEO companies offer video optimization services to help their clients’ videos appear in the google search listings as well as in a high position in the youtube internal search engine. This often results in a higher value contribution to the search engine and youtube results, as well as to search engine users who prefer to get education or product information through the medium of video”, remarks digital marketing specialist Derek Dolan.

Search engine users who find what they are looking for through videos listed in the normal google search engine listings are more likely to use google, as well as youtube, in future. This strengthens two of google’s core online properties – google search and youtube – and encourages more businesses and non-profit organizations to submit and promote their own videos for increased online visibility.

Business owners are conscious of the fact that video creation can be considerably more expensive than simply writing articles. Advanced motion graphics videos, for example, can require a significant financial investment. Many digital marketing experts believe video to be well worth the extra capital expenditure, and for brand building and user engagement, high quality video is always going to win over the written word.

Overall, video looks like it is only set to increase in popularity, as youtube becomes stronger and google search incorporates more videos in to their organic search listings.

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