3 Reasons Why Wartime Romantic Fiction is a Hot Read

World War Two – Nazi Germany. Everyone knows how it happened and who won; however, what we do not know are many of the untold stories of human endurance and wartime relationships.

We remain unaware of the complex feelings and events of the lives of individuals who were affected by many of the events surrounding this intriguing period of history

Although fiction can take a reader to a place that never existed, it also has the power to open the reader’s mind and heart to the depth of emotions surrounding the diverse military and personal challenges of the men and women who lived and died throughout the activities of World War II. In addition to the adversities of war, many of the soldiers and civilians, on both the German and allied sides, struggled to preserve a world that they watched being threatened by a new order.  Many found themselves experiencing some of their deepest relationships on a stage where their very lives were being threatened on a daily basis.

Michael Williamson’s exciting novel Secret Betrayal offers an action-packed and heart-warming story involving Nazi spies, a daring girl in Nazi-occupied Berlin, an American general and a romance that grows through their joint efforts to assist in altering the course of this war. Although the gripping storyline of this novel never happened, it has been written in a manner which allows the reader to put themselves in the middle of the action of World War II, while sharing the emotional challenges of being in love during this dangerous period.

Why Read this Romantic Historical Fiction?

1. Secret Betrayal joins a subgenre that puts the reader in the time and place of the subject matter. While history books teach us about the military facts of World War II, they fail to provide us, as the reader, with a true sense of the personal challenges and experiences of individuals who lived through these events, in a way that truly makes fighting and surviving the war a lived experience for the reader.

2. Romantic historical fiction offers reading opportunities that can not only help the reader understand and appreciate the history of how the events of World War II unfolded; but also provide a more personal, romantic and human side to those that shared these experiences. The themes explored in Secret Betrayal are written in a factual timeline and revolve around seemingly true events. As the story unfolds, the reader will actually learn about many of the events that happened during the war, while being drawn into a dynamic romantic storyline.

3. This book opens our eyes to the stories of people living through the military events that happened, while raising questions of the personal dynamics of those that interacted on both sides of the front.

A novel that both educates and entertains, Secret Betrayal offers the personal slant that many readers are searching for on a world torn by the powers at war. This subgenre raises questions about human behavior during the challenges of war and how our most personal and heartwarming feelings can rise above the backdrop of living and dying. While telling the stories of wartime power struggles, it also shows that love can blossom under the direst circumstances. Whether seeking a story about WWII or a story about love, readers who are looking for more thought-provoking fiction will be delighted with Michael Williamson’s wartime storyline.

Michael Williamson’s exciting novels, Secret Betrayal and The Dream Of The Fathers can be purchased here: Amazon.com, Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.

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