Why it is Beneficial for High School Students to Read Political Science Fiction

Political science fiction is a sub-genre that stimulates the reader’s mind to think of possibilities of governmental situations of the past, present or future.

This type of advanced and forward thinking makes the reader consider questions of society and its political functions. High school students would benefit greatly from adopting this sub genre into their reading scope. Here is why our future generations should get a jumpstart on this way of thinking:

• Political science fiction inspires the reader to think about alternative possibilities to a complex political structure. In thinking about this, potential political careers are sprouted.

• These books illustrate political structures that students are learning about in textbooks, thus bringing their classroom lessons to life.

• This subgenre has the capability to transport the reader to historically political events in the past or future, some which never happened, and some which really did happen; therefore, these thought-provoking pieces of literature contribute to both historical education and wonderment.

• Reading books is far more conducive to creating brain synapses than watching television. These books are gripping and exciting, so the student is intrigued to read each page.

• High school students are typically instructed to read about historical pasts; but political science fiction incorporates historical past, present and future which encourages them to think more and have more invigorating  conversations amongst peers.

Michael Williamson’s political science fiction book, The Dream of Feathers, dives into a historical future in which the Latino population is dominating the United States, thus tipping the political scales. This realistic possibility of the future challenges readers to explore the ideas and probability that the events that take place in this novel could actually happen in reality. High school students and others interested in politics would read The Dream of Feathers for an in-depth look into what could eventually be history.

High school students and those who enjoy politics alike would benefit from reading political science fiction books because there will always be new stories to be told with an endless variety of political possibilities. As real history progresses, more stories will be able to be told in political science fiction books. With political events constantly happening in reality, writers of this subgenre will never run out of material to write about, making these books a constantly exciting and relevant read.     

Michael Williamson’s exciting novels Secret Betrayal and The Dream Of The Fathers can be purchased here: Amazon.com, Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.

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