Now it’s possible to send a smell through post through Smellsender

Smellsender is result of a casual idea that popped into a guy’s mind at night and he went on to find a way to implement the idea. After months of research and efforts he finally invented a way to preserve the smell into the card till the time recipient opens the card. Through the website, anyone can send a card to anyone in the world with the smell of their choice trapped in it.

The creator of this website Darren had to face many hurdles before reaching here including developing the website with high features and user friendliness. The site offers a feature for the customer to personalize their cards anyway they like and to make it simpler and faster they created a second set of cards with a generic wordage inside so that the people can simply add to the card and send.

All the smells available on the website are purchased and chosen with high quality standards in mind. In a quirky decision, the company also decided to offer bad smells for the pranksters and fun purposes and collected the bad smells as well.

Establishing a company like this one surely requires some huge amount of money for which the owners have also started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000 in mind. The funds will be utilized to implement the idea properly.

Darren has put months of hard work to make the smell stay inside the card for longer periods and till the time it reaches the recipient and now for advertisement of the same, he’ll use the amount raised from the Kickstarter campaign.He is the only earning member of his small family consisting of his wife and his 16 months old child. To seek financial support for his amazing and unique idea, he has turned to the masses for support.

Darren expects the success of his campaign which also offers a variety of perks and rewards. For contributing $8 or more, the backer will be able to send 5 personalized cards to family or friends with their choice of smell and different address option for each card.  For $20, the backer can send 12 such cards.

Although the market today is filled in with sites offering greeting cards but this is quite a unique idea which is expected to be liked by the people. It would be great to receive a love note with smell of roses in it or a dinner invitation that smells of delicious food. The website SmellSender is ready to deliver the smell in cards and as of now ensures to process the order within 24 hours of placing the order. 


Media Contact
Company Name: Hunt Media
Contact Person: Darren Hunt
Phone: 0402 222 911
Country: Australia