The book “Just One Planet”, inspired from 9/11 aims to spread the message of peace

Shad Finney has recently launched his book ‘Just One Planet’, the name of which is inspired from the song ‘just one planet’. It is a fictional story which reflects an actual historic event connected to the tragedy of 9/11, when two teachers Sarah Stevens and Catherine Marchese wrote and performed “We All Share Just One Planet” along with 300 students as a tribute to the tragedy of 9/11.

The song proved to be the inspiration for this book, Finney told the media and through this book as well he aims to spread the message of peace and love across the world.

The book will be available for download for just $1, although there is a optional download for $5 and $4 from it will be donated to a children’s organization. This donation will help the charitable organization with materials needed to help prevent unessisary deaths of children age 5 and under world wide. The idea is not only getting a book about sharing the planet, but also sharing resources with the planet all in the same action.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign can contribute in sustainably saving many children’s lives and that’s just by getting people to share and download the link. Terrorism has affected millions of people in a negative way across the world since 9/11 and this book makes an effort to restore and take part in the process of healing and spread the message that we’re sisters, we’re brothers, we’re neighbors, we all are friends, we all are one human family, from the beginning to the end.

The book fulfills two noble causes by reflecting a strong message in the form of a feel good story that will help people in looking past the mental deadlock caused by terrorism as well as contribute to the charity to help save the lives of at risk children.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $10,000 by sept 8th. The amount will be utilized to buy vaccines, food, water and provide other medical facilities to at risk children. (the oraganization asked that their name not be used for legal reasons).

Shad Finney views this act as a way to encourage a chain of positive events steming from the day in history when the song came into exsistance. Now the book is complete and with the help of the media hopes to encourage people to engage in a simple interation of downloading the book, then  sharing the campaign link and encouraging others to do the same. This action can be a form of mass colaberation that urges the masses to contribute a moment of mindful progress that can help save a child’s life and imprint a meaningful message to the children of this day. A message that reveals that thier efforts can make a positve impact in sharing the planet. A message that reveals sharing love with the planet is the answer and they can be the solution.


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