Solid CBN inserts and Polycrystalline tipped CBN inserts

“CBN has a hardness value of 4500 which enables it to machine hard materials at high speeds. It is the hardest known material in the world only second to the diamond. CBN is thermally durable up to around 1200 ºC (2192 ºF) and has high a strong defiance to”
Solid CBN inserts are completely made by purely out of cubic boron nitride, they have the best heat absorption capacity and can work at highest temperatures, besides the features of chemical inertness to ferrous metals, they are used for turning atuomobile brake disk, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, ductile cast iron, hardened steel etc. from continuous to light interrupted machining, light to medium interrupted machining and heavy interrupted machining.

Landing an airplane safely involves more than expertise and skill. Many plane engines function efficiently with solid CBN inserts, a nearly indestructible material used for turning hard metal.

The CBN inserts dominate the global marketplace with its heat absorption capabilities and resistance to long-term wear and tear. Swift Manufacturing Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality, affordable solid CBN inserts and tipped polycrystalline CBN inserts, typically used in machining and cutting hard metal according to national and international industry standards.

These inserts, which machine hardens at high speeds, are second to diamonds in hardness and withstanding high levels of heat refinement. Their precision performing structures, made with purely cubic, boron, nitride, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – square, rectangular, cubed, and triangular. As one of Swift’s highest selling products, solid CBN inserts are a best-selling international commodity for aerospace parts, gear machining, hole-boring, automotive engine face milling, hydraulic pumps, bearings and rollers. These inserts harden steel and turn automobile brake discs to ensure safety and mobility for thousands of cars worldwide. The CBN inserts increase the tool life expansion of more than 2,000 disc brakes.

The CBN inserts are cost-efficient with state-of-the-art parts that endure long-term use and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs, unlike less expensive inserts. Transmission gears manufactured with machining inserts are used in the soft turning and gear milling processes. Our company sells CBN inserts in various geometrical sizes and diameters. However, the CBN inserts, which cost five to six percent of the total machining costs, also are sold as a variety milling kit that features several CBNs and a cutting tool.

Our highly-experienced professional designers and R&D staff are available to assist with understanding insert performance, cycle time and production throughout your project. Because CBN inserts price comparisons can increase up to 10 times the price of carbide, the understanding when to utilize CBN inserts is vital to a successful production process.

The company’s polycrystalline (PCBN) CBN inserts are popular replacements for conventional machinery grinding. These inserts are the second hardest material in the world and hold a thermal capacity of 1200 degrees Celsius, which affords a high resistance to chemical attacks. The inserts are used for cast iron, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, and hardened steel that results from iron based alloy machining. These PCBN inserts produce cutting tools that are in high demand for numerous industrial operations. Customers experience a higher production rate with lower costs. The refuse from our products are recyclable, which maximizes profits and reduces unnecessary waste to the environment.

Our manufacturing teams and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce solid CBN inserts and tipped PCBN inserts, which are among the company’s highest selling products. Swift Manufacturing Ltd offers excellent customized service and guidance on how to select the correct bond for CBN inserts. Quality customer service is our commitment.

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