How Inner Peace and Acceptance Can Help in Recovering From Addiction

Fear may keep addicts trapped; the fear of facing the reality.
There are many ways of overcoming various addictions.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction appears like a discontented type of energy which seeks to free itself. An agitation arises to do something from inside and an addict responds by trying to stop this feeling of unease. For a short while it may stop; however, it’s recurrent and persistent nature eventually leads one to give in. With time, it develops into addiction.

In most cases, addiction is usually as a result of trying to run away from reality.

Though this may not be the case at the initial stages, gradually in the majority of cases; addicts tend to become different people when influenced by their addictions. They do have a hard time accepting who they have become and tend to try and hide behind the high feeling that they get from addictions.

There are many ways of overcoming various addictions. One of the most effective solutions offered by Strength Based Recovery is through inner peace and acceptance. Here are some of the steps that can be adopted.


It is very significant to note and accept that a behavior has turned out to be addictive. This is the very first step addicts can take towards healing. They shouldn’t feel embarrassed or guilty about their addiction, since this does not contribute to their healing. Once the willingness to get over addiction comes from inside, the process becomes much easier.

Overcoming inner fear

Fear may keep addicts trapped; the fear of facing the reality. When important choices are made founded on fear, it clearly shows the power that addiction has over an individual. Many are faced with the fear of how they are going to cope, should they let go of their addiction. They may also be afraid of how people will perceive them, once they come out and admit that they do need help.  Addicts should know that, a person is not made by how they look to the outside world, but is defined by their dreams, ambitions, charm, boldness, principles, and above all, their inner strength.

 Achieving Inner Peace

Life has so many ups and downs; there are both good and bad days. This also applies to when one is seeking out true inner peace. It is truly a journey which can only be achieved through patience and persistence.

Achieving inner peace is one of the best healing therapies for individuals recuperating from addiction. Achieving that sense of calmness keeps one focused positively on life, eliminating negative thoughts. It also greatly boosts one’s self control, bringing about that feeling of just being in charge, which is great for overcoming addiction.


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