ARANDAS, MEXICO – 25 Sep, 2015 – Licor Zone S.A. de C.V. announces that it is distilling whisky in Mexico and has obtained all permits and certification from the local government and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.

“Our leading Brand ‘Williamson 18’ is retailing in liquor stores Licor Zone® in Mexico, and will be priced 50% cheaper than whiskies that are imported from the USA or Europe,” says Jorge Imamura, General Manager of Licor Zone S.A. de C.V.

Williamson 18 Mexican whisky is the answer to a very high demand that whiskies in general are having around the world, but at a very affordable price for the same quality as imported whiskies.

“Our Mexican Whisky ‘Williamson 18’ will be exported to many countries around the world through a distribution network of Licor Zone ® affiliates who will take advantage of this novelty product.”

Williamson 18 whisky is produced in the city of Arandas Mexico in a brand new 450,000 square foot bottling plant equipped with fermentation tanks, distillation equipment and fully automatic rotary bottling machines.

“Our whisky is distilled from grain and aged during 4 years in oak wood barrels, it is very similar in taste and flavor to American whiskies however our whisky has a distinctive pitted note  that makes it so special,”  said Jorge Imamura.

“Our plant is able to produce today up to 200,000 cases per year and we anticipate the production to increase to 500,000 cases by the end of 2017.”

Besides producing whisky the company distills also rum, vodka, brandy and gin, the company is also purchasing several tequila plants in order to become a heavy weight in the tequila business.

Licor Zone® is the faster growing liquor chain store in Latin America, Licor Zone® offers a full collection of liquors sold directly from the factory to consumers via independent stores or affiliate stores.

This vertical concentration allows Licor Zone® to pass on the savings to consumers and to sell their products without intermediaries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Licor Zone® will sell what they produce to their own stores and affiliates directly.  The company is not a franchise; they lease the Licor Zone® trademark at no cost to their affiliates when they purchase all of their liquor from Licor Zone® or own a store fully managed by Licor Zone®.

Licor Zone® has a unique business model that allows the company to expand worldwide, offering budget price liquors sold directly in their stores in order to pass on the savings to consumers. With a 450,000 square foot bottling plant up and running in Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico, Licor Zone® aims to rise to the largest Latin American producer of liquors such as whisky, rum, vodka, brandy, gin and tequila.

If you are interested to become a Licor Zone ® affiliate you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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