My Best Friends Pillow to Release New Presidential Candidate Images – Public Asked to ‘Elect a Troll Doll Candidate in 2016’

25 Sep, 2015 – My Best Friends Pillow today announced the worldwide release of their new Presidential candidate images to be printed on products, featuring several of the most popular candidates from both the Republican and Democratic sides.

My Best Friends Pillow invites website visitors to be a part of the 2016 Presidential Election with expressive political Troll gear. Get your selection in and support your party with election T-Shirts, political bumper stickers, candidate buttons, and other unique political Troll products for the 2016 election. Promotional products are guaranteed to get people thinking.

Sample Candidate:

Visitors to the website can select their candidate of choice and have their troll image printed on the items that they select to purchase. Prices range from $4.49 to $34.50 and are delivered in CafePress’s usual quick turnaround time-frame. Cafe Press is known for its high quality items and exceptional printing.

Candidates are depicted as troll dolls beneath the American flag. The company image can be printed on one or more of the products that they offer in their CafePress store, including:

• Shot Glasses

• Spaghetti Tanks

• Aprons

• Golf Balls

• Mousepads

• Dog T-shirts

• Golf Shirts

• Can Insulators

• Hoodies

• Heart Charm Jewelry

• Tumblers

as well as a wide range of other items.

In addition, My Best Friends Pillow invites visitors to their website to select the only Pillow Key Chains of the 2016 Presidential Election Troll Doll series. This is a fun and unique way to be a part of the prospective 2016 party nominee for president by “exercising your right to vote”.

Select your favorite “Troll Doll Candidate – 2016” and start people thinking.

About the Company:

My Best Friends Pillow began in 2014 and is Colleen Berry-Hill’s brain child. It is a company that seeks to celebrate things that most people love and want to show and be reminded of. The unique designs are one of a kind and not available anywhere else in the world. Our motto is: “We Love Who We Love – Why Not Show It”.

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