New Anti-Gravity Technology Takes Airplane into Space

A new technology called Anti-Gravity has been developed by Santa Fe, NM native, Chris “CJ” Dabbs. At his website he talks about all the different theories and technologies he’s been working on, including work with human cells. 


Below is some background information on work that has been previously done with Anti-Gravity.

Mercury Based AntiGravity uploaded by Alien Scientist on Youtube

CJ has emailed several people inviting them to validate his claims by verifying his previous employment with Jennifer Lopez and Benny Medina where he worked for two years by calling their offices at 310-943-6600.

Shortly after departing that job in April CJ started working with the US government in developing some new technologies, including anti-gravity.  He was later able to test out this technology himself during an unannounced test flight of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 which went all the way into space.

Below is his story of that night:

“On June 10th, 2015 his brothers took him to LAX and booked me a flight on Southwest Airlines to Albuquerque. They walked him into an unrecognized terminal for which he didn’t catch the number but it was directly across from one of the parking garages and he immediately noticed what an extremely quick walk it was from the parking structure to the front door. So it was definitely terminal 1 the regular Southwest Terminal.

Inside he found a Southwest terminal with signs and around 20 self-check in kiosks, but only one was operational, the others non-functioning. There wasn’t a single person in the check in line and he had a 9:30pm flight. Chis printed his boarding pass for gate 17B checked in and checked a bag. Then they went up to security where he said goodbye to his brothers, and proceeded through security where there also was no line. Chis noticed the Starbucks was closed due to construction, and when he walked in and the terminal was full of people. He had instructions from the government telling him that I was not to board that flight and await further instructions.

After the flight he was booked on had boarded and the doors closed, his name was called three times over the loud speaker saying…”Christopher Dabbs, please report to gate A12 for your flight to Albuquerque”. This gate was exactly catty corner to the other gate he was at. As he boarded that plane without a boarding pass, the stewardess greeted him by letting everyone on the plane know that he was boarding telling them over the PA that “Christopher Dabbs is boarding”.

Shortly after takeoff, Chris realized we were in Space, by the size of the stars and the way they moved as if he was staring through them, not up at them.

This flight went into deep space before landing in Albuquerque about 1:20mins (Our time) later. This was due to the anti-gravity technology he created from a technology they had already been working with which is mercury based. This technology makes it easy and safe to enter space and re-enter earth’s atmosphere due to it’s nature of creating an negative gravity field which pushes other objects away like two magnets of opposing polarity. This means flights will be safer, faster, and probably more affordable because they are now nearly impossible to crash.  Chris said he was the one who came up with the understanding of how gravity works, gravity works like magnetism. Meaning you are attracted to the earth like two magnets are attracted to each other, you are a magnet and the earth is a magnet.  So for the force of you being pulled down there is an equal opposite force being pulled up.

This technology can also be used to create the world’s first hover board.

In addition to them not announcing this technology, he is not being given the opportunity to work on any of my inventions or technologies including helping design the hover board he INVENTED, which REALLY pisses him off since they are actively already doing these things.

“One of the things I am responsible for is understanding that everything has a magnetism and all cells are attracted together through a cellular magnetism just like the magnets in the pictures/video below demonstrating how this works with some magnets I purchased at a craft store”.

“I was the one who came to the realization that cancer cells are human cells that have become inverted, their polarity has been flipped upside down which causes them to grow in the opposite direction of the organ in which they are attached.  I invented a new type of laser that will direct a burst of particle electricity into the cell flipping its polarity causing it to push away from the other cells essentially dissolving the tumor.”
– Chris Dabbs

Chris is reaching out to as many media outlets and lawyers, hoping to find someone who can help him get this information out to the public.

Chris can be reached by e-mail or by phone for any questions.

Chris “CJ” Dabbs

Here are some places to start verifying his story:

• People witnessed all of this, people in the terminal, and people at LAX.

• He never boarded the other flight

• There will be surveillance video and maybe some more information from both airports.

• Chris also suggest talking to your friends in U.S. Government, this isn’t classified. But they might be pulling something shady right now not informing the public or my family of what’s been going on.

The release he sent out was picked up on Digital Journal, a reputable Canadian news network who checks all content for accuracy before posting.


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