Tobacco Use Continues to Be Prevalent Among Alcohol and Drug Addicts, Warns Chapters Capistrano

While mainstream America is increasingly aware of the risks of smoking tobacco, tobacco use is still common among those grappling with other serious addictions.

Addiction to alcohol or to illegal drugs can often point to other, related addictions – including addiction to tobacco products. In fact, though tobacco use is increasingly shunned by mainstream America, it remains popular among those already in the grips of serious addiction. Forbes  reports that, among drug and alcohol addicts, tobacco use remains a big problem. Chapters Capistrano has responded to this report with a new statement to the press.

“Most of us see anti-smoking and anti-tobacco messages daily, on billboards and even on TV,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of the California-based drug and alcohol rehab facility. “In mainstream America, there is a high level of awareness about smoking and its risks. The community of drug and alcohol addicts is one that remains underserved, however. For these individuals, tobacco products still offer big appeal, and pose serious health risks.”

According to Forbes, the smoking rate among the general population of American adults is just 31 percent – less than a third. Among those who are in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, however, the smoking rate is a staggering 84 percent.

The Forbes article goes on to suggest that this is a significant issue for drug and alcohol rehab programs to address – and Shea agrees.

“The point of addiction recovery should be to promote good health, and that means taking a full-body, holistic view,” she comments. “Obviously, when we fail to help patients address their tobacco addiction, we ultimately fail to put their health first.”

Chapters Capistrano does take a holistic view of health and recovery, right down to its emphases on nutrition, exercise, and spiritual wellbeing.

“Our belief is that recovery is an ongoing process, and our job is to provide a roadmap – one that encompasses all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health,” comments Shea. “As such, tobacco use is not a minor issue to be swept under the rug, but rather something to be considered in light of more serious addictions and mental health problems.”

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