Wandelion Is Getting Ready For Launch: Everything You Need to Travel to Armenia is in One Platform

Wandelion.com is a new online travel platform that gets ready for the launch. The platform is innovative and gamified for users. Besides being platform for travellers, it is designed to be useful for other travel industry representatives as well.  So, what the platform aims at is not to be a platform for just sales, but one that will gather together everyone interested in travel, let it be job, hobby, obsession or just an interest.

Wandelion, on the first stage of implementation will introduce large selection of tours to Armenia with combined tours to Georgia, then will expand to other countries. The packages available will be both for individual users and for companies that make wholesale purchases. The travellers will have the opportunity to see great variety of tour packages online in one place, as the platform works with many tour operators and introduces different packages that will make it easy for the traveller to find exactly what he/she needs. Even if one cannot find something close to his desirers, the special customization tool is here to help to change some parameters in the tour package, so make it more convenient for the traveller.

Besides the travellers, who will find great options to organize their holidays in Armenia, Wandelion has designed some tools for each of the beneficiary of industry, so they can work and cooperate together in one online platform. Travel companies, tour operators, travel bloggers, tour advisers and leaders have their own role in the website, their accounts and features to use.

With the launch of the website, a very important feature will be released: tour leader role. Many tourists love to gather together groups that also wish to travel to a certain destination, so the leader gets discounts from the companies for bringing a group with him. So, in Wandelion there will be no need to look for contacts and companies; in every tour package available online, one can find the option of becoming tour leader, it’s a special role that is very much estimated at Wandelion. By becoming tour leader one can see, in real time, the minimum and maximum number of discount that will be given him for gathering a group. The tour leader can even travel with 100% discount. The feature is easy to use and innovative for all tour leaders worldwide. 

Wandelion also runs a travel blog that introduces travel stories, experiences, tips and guides to help the readers find their adventure in Armenia. Good news for tour operators as well. For example, now tour operators in Armenia have the chance to place their tour packages in the website and demonstrate them to larger audience and not to worry about marketing and sales of their packages, Wandelion does it all. 

The platform will gradually expand its coverage and strive for positioning as a global online hub for world tourism market.

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Company Name: Wandelion
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