The newly launched app ‘Weple’ lets users live stream and Save videos

Now, people can share their live streams to a group of friends, family and others in private groups through the newly launched app ‘Weple, short for ‘We the people’. Weple is the only LIVE streaming app with cutting edge privacy navigation allowing users to take control of who can see their live streaming at all times. Weple is LIVE social sharing to friends, family and more, providing users a rich social experience, which is far richer than impersonal public live broadcasting in general. There’s nothing like the feeling of sharing moments in live video with the people you love. Only Weple provides users the unique ability to do that, because no one but celebrities want to share private moments with the whole world. Weple is the home of social streaming and far more than just public broadcasting.

Weple is easy to use, allowing a group of users to stream live at the same time with an option to comment back and forth. It’s the only app of its kind that allows users to save videos to their profile page indefinitely to be watched later on. It’s fully connected to other social media, so users can share videos out to The Facebook, Twitter and more. The best part is that the app is completely free of cost, providing users a way to make money through referrals.

Weple’s founder saw this vision years ago while traveling the world and holds the patents for “mobile device media streaming” in America. Weple is poised to become the next revolution in social media throughout the world as it has brought an amazing way to connect people together. Through Weple, friends and family members are able to see each other in real time and share their experiences. Providing users the ability to share special moments with their friends, watch them move in exotic locations, have dinner, walk a beach and so much more. It’s a wonderful and convenient way to turn moments into memories with the people you care about and trust.

Weple is the new era of connectivity after getting past the world of texting, photographs, and short videos, we are finally to LIVE. It’s unbelievable to tune in and see your loved ones right in front of you LIVE as they enjoy moments with you. Weple takes users from being a voyeur of people’s still life to being part of it LIVE. Allowing the people you love to share in all the fun with you and later watch the home videos of your family and friends on your profile page. Who doesn’t want to experience those precious moments. Everyone loves reality TV and with Weple, That reality TV is the people you Love.

Weple is available now in the Apple app Storeand already received great reviews from the users; one of the app users mentioned, “Weple is the best app ever!!!! I’m in a fraternity. This app allows me to stay connected with my frat brothers in private groups. So I check out the bars and scene ahead of time before I make my move.”

Weple also fulfills its social responsibility by giving back 10% of it profits to social solutions benefitting the world and the environment.

Currently Weple’s referral program is offering users a way to make money or a donation to their favorite charity when they sign on. At present, every user who invites friends who sign up for Weple, gets $.50 for each new referral. Allowing users or their favorite charities an opportunity to be rewarded for building out their social grid, spreading the word, and streaming on Weple.

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