Commercial Exterminating company offers tips for getting rid household pests

“Am/pm pest control inspection is conducted by a state-licensed professional exterminator hired to look for signs of infestation or damage to a structure by wood-destroying pests

Pest inspectors look for:
• pests, such as termites
• carp”

Getting rid of pests around a house or business building can be a chore, so the best thing to do is make sure they don’t have a reason to set up housekeeping in the first place.

AM/PM Pest control in Washington has years of experience in dealing with household pests ranging from the size of a flea to you raccoon. The company offered these tips to keeping the critters at bay.

PET PESTS – Homeowners with pets need to make sure their pets are regularly treated  for fleas and ticks. Flea collars don’t work. Instead, get treatment methods from a veterinarian. Keeping these tiny bugs off pets means they are less likely to get into the house. If fleas do get into the house, treating them effectively means bringing in an expert pest control service.

ANTS – Getting rid of some kinds of ants is very difficult. Carpenter ants live in most and rotting wood. A carpenter ant infestation in a house is an indicator of other building problems. Step one is to get rid of the ants. A professional pest control company is the best way to do this. Then get a contractor to look at the house to repair any damage and the fix the problem.

Sugar ants are best controlled by not giving them something to eat. Clean up after cooking and don’t let dishes sit in the sink. Make sure all food is stored in containers the ants can’t get into. If sugar ants set up, they are very hard to get rid of. Several colonies and several queens may be around. A pest control company is the best way to handle these ants once they show up.

BIGGER PESTS – Raccoons, birds, bats, rats and mice cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year. Squirrels, rats and mice are particularly bad because they will chew the insulation of wires. This creates a major fire hazard. Traps and poisons will work for small infestations for everything but bats. Bats cannot be trapped or poisoned. The building has to be sealed to prevent them from entering.

If pests are a problem in a house or business building, then the time to act is right now.

Do not wait until things get worse. AM/PM pest control offers residential and commercial pest control service in Seattle, Redmond, Kent and Renton.

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