Pyschic Gurus Publishes New Updates From Miss Cleo, Sandra Marks Legal Action is an online watchdog for the psychic industry and has updated readers on the latest legal action brought against psychic scammers in the media.

Psychics have always held a powerful allure, being part of the fabric of society and stories for all of civilization. Psychic Gurus is committed to helping people identify and eschew the few fraudulent psychic and mediumship services that poison the well for the more authentic and reliable psychic services out there, and has posted news from the industry exposing legal action brought against psychics.

The first is a farcical case against former network psychic Miss Cleo, who’s brand and persona is owned by the Psychic Readers Network. She appeared in a commercial for General Mills cereal product French Toast Crunch as her ‘character’ without permission, and the network wants its share. After years touting spurious services through a false persona, she has now embarked on a career in advertising, further eroding her reputation in the eyes of the Psychic Gurus.

In other news posted to the site Sandra Marks has been refused bail as she poses a flight risk after embezzling over 2.1 million dollars from clients, ahead of her forthcoming trial. Marks abused the trust of individuals suffering from mental and emotional disorders as well as exploiting personal trauma to secure profit in exchange for fake readings.

A spokesperson for Psychic Gurus explained, “These are great examples of exactly what is wrong with the psychic industry today. In the eyes of genuine psychics and mediums, profit is the last thing on their mind. Having the gifts they have comes with a responsibility to use it, and while they must earn a living as anyone would wish to, these are classic examples of where greed and exploitation are the only source of their actions, not foresight. We share stories like these to ensure our users select psychic services with their eyes open, and can identify quickly the scams that are out there.”

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