What to Expect from a Professional Locksmith

In addition to the appropriate licensure, a professional locksmith should be available twenty four hours a day, and ready to respond within a reasonable time-frame.
A professional locksmith is more than just someone who shows up to jimmy the door when the keys have been forgotten inside.

A highly trained professional locksmith will know the type of lock in question, be able to formulate the correct tools to use in the case of a lockout, and prevent damage to the door and lock in the process of getting the door open.  A professional locksmith will generally have had extensive training, either through the employing company or at a special training program.  As with any security position, the field of keys and locks requires people who are willing to make integrity and security their highest professional and personal values; and confidentiality and honesty are hallmarks of the profession.

Someone who duplicates keys for a living is not considered a professional locksmith.  A professional locksmith is someone who is trained and licensed to install, repair, open or modify locks, and who can create original keys for locks.  The professional locksmith will be licensed by the state of California, and will have cleared a background check by the California Department of Justice and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations.  The California DOJ and the US FBI will both process the fingerprints of the person applying for licensure and will perform a criminal history background check.  Photos of the person who holds the license for the locksmith company, any partners or major investors, will also be held on file by both offices.  The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services is responsible for ensuring that locksmiths operate under the Locksmith Act, in order to protect the consumers from unethical or unlawful behavior by those entrusted with security and safety.

In addition to the appropriate licensure, a professional locksmith should be available twenty four hours a day, and ready to respond within a reasonable timeframe.  When called out for service, the locksmith should be able to say approximately when they will arrive. With a general idea of the lock-related problem, the locksmith should also be willing to provide a ball-park quote, and should definitely be prepared to say what forms of payment they can accept.  There are many people who are able to unlock doors, but just because someone is a professional lock picker does not mean that a consumer should hire that person to open their house!  Be sure that any locksmith offers the highest level of care to its customers, and check for the Better Business Bureau rating of a locksmith before making a call.  Reliability, honesty and a professional presentation are just some elements which can assure a customer in a stressful lockout situation that they are in good hands.

Because so many lockout situations inspire panic, it can be difficult to decide on a locksmith to call in a rational and reasoned way. One of the best relationships to form ahead of an emergency is that with a great locksmith – one who is prepared to help no matter what time.


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