Female Voice Star of New London Travel Guide

Launched in early September, innovative site V London’s Travel Guide is hoping to explode into the market with its unique approach to content. Written by women who have lived and worked in the capital for a considerable amount of time, it offers a unique perspective on the city that’s so different from the formal and often biased accounts produced by major news sources.

A particularly unique aspect of VLondon’s appeal is the fact that it’s written by an anonymous team of “angels”: women who have been a part of London’s community and know its lifestyle from the inside out. It gives a uniquely feminine approach to coverage, and has already proved to be popular with both genders. For women, it offers a female voice in a media all too dominated by male editors and agendas. For men, it’s a unique insight into a masculine city through softer eyes, often providing the perfect locations for dates and romantic trips with their partner.

One of the V Angels had this to say: “Way too much content is produced by people without any real connection to the places that they’re writing about. They enjoy special treatment as journalists and reviewers, and have become out of touch with reality. That’s why this model works: the only ones who become angels are the ones who really know the city, the people that are looking at London from an inside perspective. We’re a source that readers can trust.”

The site will cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the very best restaurants to underground nightlife and the hidden gems of the capital that many of the more conventional news sources don’t get to see. The aim is to effectively scoop traditional reviewers, using the angels’ excellent knowledge of London and hands on involvement to find the next big thing before it even happens.

Contributions are open to anyone who wants to write for the site, but standards will remain high and the current team is very selective about whose content is selected. Consistent quality is the key foundation of this innovative and daring new site.

About VLondon’s

A site written by female contributors, VLondon’s provides a unique and engaging view on one of the world’s most interesting cities.


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