Christian Author uses gift of Dyslexia to Write and Publish “The Devil of Gilding”

Have you seen Toby Blake?

Salem, Oregon – Conservative Christian author D. E. Colombo has overcome the challenges of dyslexia and dysgraphia by writing her first two-part Young Adult Christian Fiction thriller suspense novel “The Devil of Gilding”. 

The Devil of Gilding back cover reads, “Despite being sickly and vulnerable Toby Blake was raised to be trusting and kindhearted, so much so, that he wasn’t able to see it coming. He didn’t see that the woman he should have been able to trust would take it into her own hands to change his future. However, no one perceived the other set of eyes that were watching, the hands that were waiting…waiting to catch him when she let him fall.” This is the first of a two part series to be known as The Blake Duology. 

Ms. Colombo is a senior at Liberty University and will be graduating in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Creative Writing, History, and Theology. She notes that her degree has definitely added to her writing abilities. She has participated in numerous writing clinics to strengthen her writing skills. Her desire is to live every day of her life for Jesus Christ and to use the talents God has given her to write Christian-based stories worth reading. 

Although she has had a love for words and writing since she was a little girl she has battled with severe dyslexic and dysgraphia. At 10 years old she read at a Kindergarten level and wrote at even a lower level. It was not until she was 13 years old that a book unlocked her abilities, gave her confidence, and she began reading and writing with an unquenchable desire. She loves to read classics and finds that through a combination of the classic style with a modern twist she can share her stories in moving and lovely ways. She states, “My biggest wish is that one of my books might do what a book once did for me and spark an everlasting love for reading and writing, even if it is just for one person!”

She would love to have you join her on her journey to publication and invites everyone to visit her Kickstarter crowdfunding website at and her personal website at

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